An example of how sports can take another step towards overcoming racism – 12/31/2020

An example of how sports can take another step towards overcoming racism - 12/31/2020

by Andrei Kampf

A selection process for a training program Trainee The Brazilian retail chain has much to teach the sports movement to combat racism. It is that it strikes one of the points that helps feed the problem, the lack of black representation in the command post, in society in general and in sports.

opt for Trainee The magazine Luiza, which will only accept blacks, provoked this year that it was ending a great controversy in social networks and revived a basic discussion in the fight against racism, the lack of black representation in strategic positions in companies. The same is true in sports, which can take advantage of this example and make the sports movement more plural.
Some initiatives exist, but they are not effective.

An ineffective initiative in England

The English Football League (EFL) decided to deal with the problem. It has a policy – called the “Rooney Rule” – in which clubs must have at least one black, or Asian, or minority ethnic candidate in the selection process for an administrative vacancy, a group known as BAME. But there are drawbacks for the club for not following this rule. For example, it does not have to be completed if the selection process is not done and only one candidate is heard. Furthermore, there is no punishment for clubs that do not follow the rule.

After an 18-month pilot project, the EFL introduced the policy in 2019 – after voting in favor of clubs – becoming the only league in Europe to enact such a regulation.

In English football, according to the BBC, the 91 main clubs in the country have only six BAME managers (Black, Asian and ethnic minorities – among blacks, Asians and ethnic minorities).

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“You will not be held responsible for diving your toes without swimming.”, Said Troy Towsand, an anti-racist and organization seeking inclusion excluded it.

The Premier League did not adopt the ‘Rooney Rule’ – and, according to the BBC, has no plans to adopt it.

A global problem

The lack of representation of blacks in command posts is a global problem in sports.

Fatma Samoura had a long history as a United Nations employee, serving in various roles until she was announced as FIFA Secretary General in 2016. His arrival in the unit was celebrated as a paradigm shift, as he is one of the few blacks to occupy such a position of relevance globally.

In Brazil, black coaches are rare among head coaches, and even more rare is to see black leaders in charge of the game.

For experts, the lack of more blacks in leadership positions in football administration takes action to make the problem less effective and are punishable offenders for crimes of racism in sports.

“Undoubtedly, the lack of blacks in command positions – technicians, managers, leaders – affects the issue. They have always been judging and judging the cases of racism experienced by blacks by whites. If they lived in the skin , So it would be different, says Marcel Tonini. ” PhD in Social History from the Faculty of Philosophy, Papers and Anthropology.

“The structure of the game, that of football, is very racist. We have black players, but this is the factory floor. We don’t have any black leaders, coaches or commentators. If the majority of athletes are black, how can we not represent on the stand Can? ” , Questions Marcello Carvalho, founder of the Racism Observatory.

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Football also tightened the policy of fighting prejudice

In July 2019, FIFA announced a new Code of Discipline, the text of which emphasizes the fight against racism.

The president of the organization, Gianni Infantino, has already spoken out about his dissatisfaction with the racism that has appeared in football. “Racism is combined with education, it is condemned, it is talked about. There can be no racism in society and football. In Italy, the situation has not improved, it is serious. We have to There is a need to identify the culprits and drive them out of the stadium. We should not. ” Afraid to condemn racists, we must fight them to the end.

But football has not exemplified an effective fight against the problem of racism in football.

History shows that economic penalties have not helped reduce racial injury offenses. This is necessary to be more rigorous, and the game should also punish the club.

Gremio is still the only club to have received harsh punishment from Brazilian sports justice in the case of goalkeeper Arana. The team was eliminated from the 2014 Brazil Cup due to racist performances by fans.

This may be a new rule for the Brazilian game; It was not.

And that indecency also goes through a lack of representation.

Magaloo’s Choice

Creating rules that involve minorities can be a way of reducing the problem. But they will need to be more effective than those created by English football.

Magalu’s initiative came after an analysis that reached a number that provoked a great deal of internal reflection. Only 16% of the company’s leadership representatives are black.

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In the statement, the network says that “for a company that promotes the value of people and diversity and that celebrates Brazil, a multinational country every day. It would be hypocritical to close your eyes and believe that There is nothing wrong. That is that we are not a racist company and we believe in the power of diversity, where is the problem? “

This is structural racism. That silence, which ended the culture of abandonment and prejudice against blacks, hides the white privilege of “privilege”.

Those who criticized the action, spoke of “prejudice against whites”, something that everyone really wants to reflect on on this issue, knows that doesn’t exist. In Brazil, definitely not.

What the retailer did was to take “affirmative action” to counter inequality, as many global companies have done and even public bodies in Europe and the United States have been doing for years.

Include, not separate. Hug, don’t push away. The game is also born of this idea for everyone. And he has always been an example for society. But it would be interesting if he could even look aside and adopt good examples to really develop into a fight against racial prejudice.

In 2020, Magalu gave an example of how sports can take another important step in life and in sports to try and overcome this serious problem.

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