Andromeda OS: See the canceled version of Windows running on the Microsoft Lumia 950

Andromeda OS: See the canceled version of Windows running on the Microsoft Lumia 950

before we know Surface Duo In 2020, it was speculated that Microsoft’s foldable tablet would be a . will use customized version from Windows. The operating system, internally referred to as “Andromeda OS”, reached an advanced stage of development by mid-2018, but was eventually canceled and replaced by android,

Windows Central, This Friday (21), published a video that shows unfinished software build running on Microsoft Lumia 950, Given that it’s a canceled version, there are several missing features and user interface flaws, but the image is enough to see what big tech plans are for the Surface Duo. Check it out:

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Although the software was for tablets, internal tests were conducted using the Lumia 950. Starting from the lock screen, with the same visual elements as Windows Phone, there was a function to start notes without opening an app – just compose using the Surface Pen and the UI would change.

Andromeda OS had many Gesture control that triggers various system actions – such as the Start Menu and Cortana – when the user was running an app. To call the virtual assistant it will be enough to open the menu or swipe left to right. This feature is interesting, as apps will run in full screen by default.

Another curious detail is the “management” of notifications in the Cortana gesture-triggered side panel. An experimental menu called the “Radial UX Menu” allowed the slider to show a full menu with circular buttons for the Start menu, Cortana, the Recent Apps list, and Surface Pen notes.

Andromeda OS tester Zack Bowden confirms the similarity of the canceled system interfaces with Android optimized for the Surface Duo, such as the Windows 10-inspired lock screen, but observed that Microsoft’s proprietary software is compatible with more applications. Utility will follow. For Surface Pen.

Unfortunately, remnants of the stage’s existence are limited to performances. Windows Central, Microsoft will not re-use or resume development of the Software for successors for the following Surface Duo 2marking one end similar to , Windows 10X,

Microsoft Lumia 950 is not yet available in Brazilian stores. Be notified upon arrival.

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