Anita will sing in the Libertadores final between Flamengo and Palmeiras

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Back in Brazil after a season in the United States, singer Anita revealed that she would perform in the final of the Copa Libertadores between Flamengo and Palmeiras, on Saturday in Montevideo, Uruguay, at 17:00 Brasilia time. The news was announced by the artist himself on Tuesday night while participating in the podcast Podcats.

A Botafogo fan, Carioca also appeared in the finals of the event in 2019. At that time, the dispute was between River Plate and Flamengo. The Brazilian team won their second title at Libertadores with a 2–1 victory. This time around, it will be a singles final with the last two winners of the feud.

“I’m going to sing again this Saturday at the Libertadores final. It’s going to be Flamengo and Palmeiras. I’m not flamengo, you know? I’m from Botafogo. But, like, when I went to Flamengo, Flamengo won , saw? (Sometimes) I sang. The trick is: ‘I’ll go, sing and go’. Then Flamengo wins. It’s crazy,” he joked.

The singer also confirmed that if the team wins again, she will establish herself as “Rabbit’s Feet”. “If they win this time, we’ll prove that I am. Then I need something as a muse. Even though I’m Botafogo, I want something. Because every time I go (Flamengo) he wins” .

Anita already has experience in performing at sporting events. In addition to Libertadores, she was in the final of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, sang the national anthem minutes before the start of the 2017 Formula 1 Brazilian GP, ​​and also performed in the stadium, at the closing party of the Copa América. Marakana, 2019.

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