Anna Moser talks about medal prospects, the Olympic cycle, sports and democracy in Tokyo, Brazil

Anna Moser talks about medal prospects, the Olympic cycle, sports and democracy in Tokyo, Brazil

Ana Moser made history in Brazilian volleyball. Photo: Disclosure

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In another exclusive interview for Yahoo Brasil, the character this time is Atlanta Olympic bronze medalist Anna Beatriz Moser, known simply by volleyball fans as Anna Moser. Ana Paula Henkel, an outsider who made a history of great talent with the Brazilian team, didn’t fail to take a stand on controversies involving Giba and other athletes who support the Bolsonaro government. The former player also spoke about the Tokyo Olympics, Brazil’s chances in the Olympic cycle, among other issues.

We are in an Olympic year, a year of high hopes. Which teams do you consider as strong contenders for the gold medal? Which is the best team today?

Anna Moser – I believe the United States and China appear to be more biased. But we cannot rule out teams like Russia, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey and especially Brazil. Xe Robert’s team will not reach Tokyo as favorites and not feeling the pressure could be an advantage.

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Brazil is currently experiencing a cycle change with young athletes. Which player do you think is more prepared to defend hopscotch?

Ana Moser – Women’s volleyball in Brazil has evolved a lot over the years. The current team mixes experienced players with names from a new generation. I believe they are all ready to represent Brazil at the Olympics.

Lorraine and Tandara are antagonists summoned by Zee Roberto. Sheela also had a chance on that last call. Can you picture a surprise? Do you believe the group is already closed?

Anna Moser – I believe Ze Roberto has a base in mind, but he has already shown in previous cycles that he gives athletes maximum chances and until the very last moment to close the list for Tokyo Will wait.

Talking about an issue that has become polarized even in volleyball: the political issue, the Bolsonaro government. Recently, another Brazilian volleyball reference showed its support for the current government, Murti Giba. Anna Paula Henkel, unlike Wallace, has also taken a stand in favor of the Pokemonist summit. How do you see this movement in volleyball?

Anna Moser- The beauty of democracy is that it allows for diversity of ideas and freedom of choice. I am different and value life. At such a sad moment in Brazil, when the pandemic is out of control, it is of paramount importance to preserve life based on science and solidarity. I also believe that public authorities need to provide opportunities to give equal opportunities of citizenship to the less favored ones.

Recently, beach volleyball athlete Carol Solberg was warned by the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice) when she shouted: “Out, Bolsonaro”, after winning a bronze medal on the Brazilian circuit, held in Saquarema, channel SportTV broadcast by. Is there some sort of dictatorship in Brazil hidden through the judiciary? How do you view the position of the CBV (Brazil Volleyball Confederation) in relation to the matter?

Anna Moser- As I said, the beauty of democracy is freedom. Freedom of choice and expression. It doesn’t happen every time, something is very wrong.

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With the decision to retire the Thais, the prospect of Brazil’s ties, the outlook changed with the departure of the central? What is Brazil’s biggest rival today?

Anna Moser- Thaisa was, not by chance, voted the best athlete in the previous edition of the Superliga. Every great athlete is remembered, but his choice must be respected, especially because there are physical problems involved. To reach the Olympic podium, Brazil would have to play mainly on equal terms with the United States and China.

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