Announces news and payment possibility via Telegram app

Announces news and payment possibility via Telegram app
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Telegram announces an update to the platform with changes to applications for mobile devices and web versions.

Thus, the application brings payment facility to any chat.

Merchants can now adopt 8 Telegram partner payment providers, which can be used free of charge by the app.

In addition, after providing a service it is possible to leave additional tips, such as delivery of pizza or any other service.

Prior to this, it was necessary to use one of the platform’s payment bots.

Thus, it is important to remember that Telegram does not store payment data and issues APIs for interested merchants.

How do Telegram Updates Work?

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Telegram has also launched two new apps without the need to pair with cell phones.

As such, they have already been born compatible with some of the salient features of the messenger: as

  • Animated stickers
  • night mode
  • Pasta

Therefore, there are 2 versions:

  • A Telegram Web
  • Telegram Web Z

In this way, users are invited to test both with a view to the best option.

What other news does Telegram announce?

In addition, Telegram adds more features to the service.

There is a possibility of a scheduled voice chat.


In this way, the user establishes a date and time for meetings or casual encounters.

A notification informs you of the arrival of the appointment. In this way, the meeting begins only when the owner of the conversation allows it.

Another function of the app is MiniperFix for voice chat.

In this way, each user’s images become larger, making it possible to edit the profile’s details to make it more complete.

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Therefore, the information accessed is without any form of bureaucracy.

Therefore, the app also adds the finger pinch feature to zoom an image and added a new video player on iOS and Android.

What are the benefits for the users of the application?

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In-app payments are almost done since 2017.

However, it is possible to do credit card transactions within chat today (this feature was being tested a few days ago in the beta version of the application).

In addition, Platform 8 supports third-party payment providers:

  • strip
  • Yandex
  • Sberbank
  • Tranzo
  • pay me
  • Click
  • LikePay

According to the app, users can leave a tip when shopping: as a way to show support for stores, artists, or people with delivery.

Payment must be made through the application of the device.

According to the developers, the platform does not charge a commission and claims to save data on payments made: only the provider responsible for the transaction has credit card information.

Therefore, the individual can test the new function in the display channel provided by the company with a list of hypothetical products.

Does the application get scheduling for voice chat?

The application now allows you to schedule meetings with other users.

This feature can be enabled by group and channel administrators.

Finally, the messaging device brings all these improvements to chat, as well as pinch gestures for zooming media and an improved video player.

The latest version of the app may take longer to appear on the Play Store due to the app’s review deadline.

However, the app allows direct download via on Android.

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On iOS, the update is now available to consumers.

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