Apanhadao: In Folha, Sara Ahmed questions negative allegations of feminism

Apanhadao: In Folha, Sara Ahmed questions negative allegations of feminism

Folha highlights two more works of the authors; Globo reiterates the controversy over the cancellation of author Tatiana Salem Levy’s participation in LER; Estado has Clube dos Autores . Announced new crowdfunding service for

Sheet shed light on living the feminist life, a book published five years ago in the United Kingdom and now only coming to Brazil, in an edition of Ubu. Anglo-Australian writer Sarah Ahmed wants to bring women into the home, and so she focuses her daily life on relationships with people in society whom she calls “spoilers of feminist pleasures”. The author argues that “by questioning the status quo, feminism has made a negative charge of being against happiness. So to be a feminist is to spoil the pleasures of others.”

on notebook the most significantMaster in Letters, USP Rodrigo Simon, analyzed the work of Verenilde Pereira, a pioneer of Afro-Indigenous literature in Brazil. Daughter of a black mother and father of the adjacent Mawe people, the author launched in 1998 an endless riverA little-known novel that addresses topics prevalent in today’s public debate, such as the representation of marginalized groups, colonialism in place of speech, and crossroads.

me too SheetMarie Del Pierre analyzed love and… don’t multiply (Chao Editora), written by María Lacerda de Moura and originally released in 1932. According to Del Pierre, it is a slander against women who lived in small boxes, a book that invites us to think about the hardships and resistance to avoid being established. pattern.

Feather globe news series heart blocker, which Netflix published by Seguinte in Brazil based on the comic book by English Alice Osman, will have two more seasons with the love story of teens Nick and Charlie. The series entered the top 10 most-watched shows in 54 countries, practically the same number of places where the books topped bestseller lists for children and teens. The writer will continue as a writer for the series in these coming seasons.

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globe Writer Tatiana Salem echoed Levy’s complaint, in which she says she felt “furious”, “sad” and “humiliated” that she was invited to attend the opening table of the LER – Salo do Livero in Rio. and he was “invited” on the same day. He said the case showed that “women are not treated at par with men even in literary events.” The report demanded that one of the event’s curators, Julio Silveira, said there was a communication error between the curators and regretted the allegation of Matchbox. “The event has six years of strong anti-racism and feminist practice.”

Value published book reviews Birds in mouth and seven empty houses (However), by Samant Schveblin. This edition brings together two books by one of Latin America’s most famous authors today. seven empty houses2015, released for the first time in Brazil, with . The single volume is composed with bird in mouth, 2009, which was out of print. Sometimes lazily attached to the vein of fantastic and allegorical narratives, the author seeks to create discomfort in his texts.

in the blog uproar, in Estadio, María Fernanda Rodrigues reported that a self-publishing platform, Club dos Autores, which has 57,000 authors of 75,000 books in the catalog, is launching a crowdfunding channel within its platform. Created in partnership with Kikente, the service will, among other benefits, have a 5% rate, which will be slightly lower than the competition.

me too estadoReview of the second book by Gaucho Tobias Carvalho, night vision (however), praised as the author’s more mature fictional work. And it is worth saying that the competition with the previous work is not easy. He won the 2018 Cesk Literary Award with his first book, things (record). Now, the volume contains four short stories, which critics call “pleasantly disturbing.”

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