App driver threatened for expelling passenger from racist speech

Print do vídeo em que motorista é ameaçado depois de expulsar passageira que fez comentários racistas.
Print of video in Pennsylvania in which app driver is threatened after evicting a passenger with racist speech.
Breeding: Metropolis.

In Pennsylvania, United States, an app driver kicked a passenger out of his car after making racist comments. Following the action, the man started receiving a series of threats and insults, which fortunately were recorded on his camera in the car.

Watch the video of the incident that went viral on social media via Metropolis below:

The incident happened last Friday (13) and the woman, identified as Jackie, got into the car “praising” the driver for being white. Not satisfied, the traveler insisted on the remark and reiterated that he was white, adding that he was a normal person who spoke English. After the ensuing silence of the comment, Jackie apologized, something the driver did not admit.

The man told Jackie to get out of the car and replied, “If no one blonde was driving, what difference would it make?” and said he would not accept the race. Just then a man accompanying the passenger started threatening the boy and said “I can punch you in the face”.

The video ends with the driver notifying that everything has been recorded, that he will call the police for both and everyone to know exactly what happened, as the video attracted attention on social networks.

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