Apple had to add a score on ease of repair of iPhone and MacBook

Apple had to add a score on ease of repair of iPhone and MacBook

dark (Apple) Has added some of its products sold in France to the “reparability score”, indicating how possible it is to repair various hardware defects on the device independently and without access to the service lab. The company was required to be added under a law that came into force in the country this year, and is valid for various categories of electronic products – including smartphones and laptops.

It is interesting to note that while Apple’s iPhones 11, which are still sold in France, received a relatively low score of 4.5, the iPhones in the iPhone 12 series received slightly more than six out of ten. Apple points out that the new iPhones are easier to differentiate than their predecessors, and that the components that can break are cheaper than those in the iPhone 11. For computers, the score here is more similar between different models and ranges, and most Apple Mac scores between 6 and 7.

We emphasize that the score at this level is awarded by Apple itself, and will not be examined by any external authority – although the manufacturer is required to rate itself according to the explicit criteria defined in French law. One of these criteria is the publication of detailed information on how to separate the device into a user-accessible guide. Other manufacturers have leveraged this to achieve higher scores relatively easily, but Apple seems to be avoiding it.

In France, it is expected that thanks to the “repair score”, which is also required for televisions, washing machines and many other home appliances, the number of defective devices that are repaired and not thrown into the trash every year Yes, there will be an increase of 40 percent to at least 60 percent. This initiative can extend to all countries of the European Union.

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