Apple Music will now be available on Google Assistant Smart Speakers

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SAN FRANCISCO – Search engine giant Google has announced that it is bringing Apple Music support to its own assistive devices.

Google Assistant speakers such as the new Nest Audio, Google Home Mini / Nest Mini, and third-party speakers from JBL, Lenovo, and countless others now fully support Apple Music.

Previously, Google Assistant speakers and displays could only support Apple Music when streaming on Bluetooth Tooth from Android or iOS devices. Now, users can link their Apple Music account directly through the Google Home app and set it as the default music service.

“To play music from Apple Music Zick, first link your Apple Music account to the Google Home app. You can also choose Apple Music Zick as your default music streaming service. Then, all you have to do is,” Play Google Play Music. Play daily playlists, or “Hey Google, play rap life playlists,” the company said in a statement.

Google is launching this feature in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan. Apple Music arrives with Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music and Deezer.

“With the inclusion of Apple Music Zick in our audio streaming lineup, you have more options when it comes to music streaming services. So whatever the occasion, we’ve got the DJ booth covered. “The company said.

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