Apple PRORAW | What is the new apple image format and what is it for

Apple PRORAW |  What is the new apple image format and what is it for
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One of the biggest news in iphone 12 pro What is it Apple PRORAW is a way to save photos that allow “additional creative control when adjusting for exposure, color, and white balance,” according to the company. But what this means, after all, is the choice Was released on iOS 14.3The Now Canaltech Explains what is PREV and how it works.

To understand, you must first know what RAW is, a digital media format that is widely used in professional photography. As you probably already know, there are many types of digital images, such as JPEG, GIF, and PNG, and each has its own peculiarities, with advantages and disadvantages.

What is RAW?

The Apple PRORAW is available on all iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max cameras (Figure: press release / Apple)

In simple terms, RAW is a “raw” media format, as the name says. The file saves as much color and light information as possible, allowing editing even after clicking without any loss of detail in the image. However, this obviously creates a huge file, practically impossible to use on the Internet without any form of compression.

The main difference for JPEG or PNG, the most common format in digital photographs, is that there is virtually no image processing. JPEG, however, has a much greater range with respect to colors and lighting, and may even allow for some retouching – which many of us incorrectly call in edits – color and exposure. However, depending on the adjustment, it is normal to lose details in the image.

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RAW is almost always seen in professional digital cameras and is also present in many cell phones as a photography option. Typically, the device saves photos to RAW and JPEG at the same time, and if the photographer wishes, he can make adjustments to the image rather than using the device’s native processing.

There are also applications that save images in RAW, usually from third parties. The App Store itself has many such options, but until now there was no possibility of taking a picture with the iPhone’s native camera and saving the image in this raw format. This changed with the launch of PRORAW, which is slightly different from RAW, as we will see below.

Is this Apple PRORAW?

PRORAW combines the benefits of Apple processing with the editable digital photography format (image: press release / Apple)

According to Apple, PRORAW “combines standard RAW information with iPhone image processing to provide additional creative control when making exposure, color, and white balance adjustments.” In other words, it also performs some processing on the image, but saves enough information for editing without loss of quality.

The company created the tool as an option that serves both professionals, who prefer to make adjustments on their own, and the average user, who immediately prefers more finished results. This was necessary because third-party camera applications are unable to take advantage of deep fusion technology, which uses machine learning to record greater richness of details in an image, capturing multiple exposure frames to join a photo Does.

Thus, PRORAW brings all the benefits of Apple’s image processing, allowing adjustment in exposure, saturation, and contrast as an image in RAW format without loss of quality.

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How to use PRORAW

Activate PRORAW in iPhone Settings and then turn on the camera option when taking pictures (Image: Disclosure / Apple)

To use Apple’s image format, you must have one of the supported devices – iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max Settings> Camera> Format, And enable the Apple PRORAW option. When you open the camera, touch the RAW button at the top right of the screen to activate PRORAW and save the photo in a format that allows editing without loss of quality. This will generate a .DNG file, the standard format for digital negative images.

To share photos taken with the competent PRORAW on social networks you have to open it in an app to edit and save the result as a JPEG. Apple recommends editing in the Photos application on your iPhone or Mac, but you can open the image in any application that supports DNG format such as Photoshop. It is worth noting that, according to Apple, the reading of information can vary, thus producing an image with colors and slightly different from those you see on a phone screen or photo on a Mac Even upon opening in.

Also note that, by saving more information to the image, PRORAW creates a much larger file than JPEG or HEIF. Ideally only use it when you take pictures that you really want to edit later, keeping it disabled when you click every day, and not taking up much of your phone’s storage without taking anything.

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