Apple will require privacy “nutrition labels” from developers starting December 8

Apple will require privacy "nutrition labels" from developers starting December 8

Apple introduced a collection of privacy features when it announced iOS 14, but the company’s privacy “nutrition label” concept did not arrive with the unveiling of the new operating system in September. Today, Apple announced that developers will have to provide information for those “labels” starting December 8.

Like a typical nutrition label that lists ingredients and caloric content, this privacy “label” should give you a better idea of ​​what’s going on inside an app before you download it from the App Store or Mac App Store. Download. Labels will list the information an app collects, and will look at the app page with a glance, like looking at the back of a label at a grocery store.

Mock iPhone displaying App Store labels
Image: Apple

The bottom line is that when developers have to disclose this information in order to continue releasing and updating apps, the information that is provided will automatically be reported, which is still a bit of a bad game. Can leave the possibility.

Apple’s developer site Caution that developers will be required to disclose all information they and their third party partners collect and keep their “labels” up to date. For example, if an app needs to know your exact location to work, you’ll know that even before you download it. If GPS functionality is permanently removed from the app, a new label represents it. Apple offers some exceptions when these label disclosures are optional, but it’s important to know that if an app wants to track you constantly, you’ll find out before you get to your phone.

Providing this information is an easy way to digest so that users can be informed about how their phone is being used properly for tracking. Apple already aggressively manages rights within the app, but these labels may be a line of defense in the past. Developers can now begin submitting their app information before the December 8 deadline.

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