‘Application has stopped working’: users report an error on Android security

'Application has stopped working': users report an error on Android security

message ” Application Continuously Fails “has appeared frequently for cell phone users Android This Monday night (22). According to reports in Twitter, The smartphone displays alerts, and then the app closes automatically. Suspicion that the failure was caused WebView do sistema Android, And errors occur with apps that use this feature.

In tests Huawei P30 Pro With Android 10, Tektudo Managed to reproduce the bug, and apps started showing an error only after updating the WebView. Wanted by Tektudo, Google did not comment at the time of publication of this article. A spokesperson responded to the American technology website Angdgut that the company was aware of the crash and “is in the process of repairing it”.

What to do when the application is not open? Services fail due to a bug in the web view of the Android system – Photo: Reproduction / TechTudo

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Google Trends, A device that monitors Internet searches, shows that interest in the term “application is closed” increases from 5 pm (Brasilia time), to a peak around 8 pm. At Downdetector, a platform that monitors the status of online services, users complain about defects in Google services, with more than 300 bug notifications starting at 8 p.m. Any app that uses WebView can return the error “The application is failing continuously”.

In general, users explain that this message appears when opening a common application, such as Nubank, Bradsko, Twitter, Adventuress And even apps themselves Google, like Gmail. A warning is displayed and then the app is closed on the smartphone for no apparent reason.

The user reports that the Gmail app closes while trying to open a message – Photo: Playback / Internet

How to prevent applications from crashing

One of the solutions shared on the Internet to resolve the crash is to temporarily uninstall AndroidView from the Android system. The main principle is that the last update of the component, which allows web pages to be displayed within applications, is damaged and causes instability.

Uninstalling the WebView removes the latest downloaded version of the plug from the phone and may resolve the problem. In tests Tektudo Confirmed that the measurement actually resolves the instability of the applications. You can uninstall WebView updates from the list of apps on your phone, in system settings, or via Play store.

Check the version and uninstall the WebView update – Photo: Reproduction / Paulo Alves

If the “uninstall” button is not visible, another option “force stop” is pressed. Another option is to disable Chrome on your smartphone.

Other users comment that it was possible to resolve the crash by uninstalling and reinstalling the faulty application in question from the phone.

Amazon app goes back to work after reinstallation – Photo: Playback / Internet

The Android system’s webview received several negative ratings from a single star in the Play Store following the update. The comments indicated that it was necessary to uninstall the component to use the cell phone.

WebView receives negative ratings in Play Store – Photo: Reproduction / TechTudo

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