Argentina announces new imprisonment to stop the Kovid-19 surge. world

Argentina announces new imprisonment to stop the Kovid-19 surge.  world

President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, Announced this Thursday (20) New restrictions To try to include what the government believes Worst period of epidemic Tax Coronavirus no country (Read more at the end of the story).

The strict measures will last for nine days – starting this Saturday (22) and lasting till May 30. Among them are:

  • People movement is restricted: People can only leave the house between 6 am and 6 pm and only in the vicinity of the place where they live and for necessary reasons.
  • Suspension of economic, recreational and ecological activities.
  • All types of aggregation are prohibited.
  • Required Businesses Open; Home delivery is also allowed.

According to the government, circulation will be banned in places where epidemic-related alerts are in place. In practice, this means more than 100 districts in the entire Buenos Aires region and all provinces except La Rioja., Informs the website Infobae.

In addition, these measures are expected to be implemented again next weekend, between 5 and 6 June, in areas where transition is most important.

The worst phase of the epidemic in Argentina

Monitor the Johns Hopkins University It shows that Argentina has a moving average of about 28,000 new cases of coronavirus per day – a substantial increase from the 20,000 daily record two weeks earlier.

In addition, Kovid-19 kills an average of 494 people per day. In total, the disease killed more than 72,000 people in the country.

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