Arthur Morgan Discovery Shock Players

Arthur Morgan Discovery Shock Players

Arthur MorganMILF’s hero red dead redemption 2, is one of the most animated characters in gaming history. when the title Rock Star was released, there was no shortage of comments about the “extra” of realism in the character’s demeanor, taking good seconds to open the drawers (after all, everything has to be super detailed).

Surprisingly, Red Dead Redemption 2 players continue to discover a few more little things. reddit, user TacticalHog posted an image proving that Arthur Morgan’s eyes reflect what he is seeing.

We already knew that the game’s protagonist reacted to light through his eyelids, but seeing the landscape reflected slightly in Arthur Morgan’s eyes gives an even more realistic idea. Obviously, there’s no way to notice it because we’re focused on the story, that’s all. Anyway, this is somewhat impressive.

For more on Red Dead Redemption 2, check out Enemy’s review. is in the text: “Many games will try to replicate what Red Dead Redemption 2 did. They’ll try to match the size of their script, or they’ll look for similar actors. They’ll try to diversify their missions, or they’ll Will try to fill their world with similar activities. But I risk it. Say no one will achieve the same results.”

Arthur Morgan m Red Dead 2.

Talking about Rockstar Games, Also check out this article in which we explain why the remastered compilation of the PS2 era trilogy is likely to be real.. Although there is no confirmation yet, it may take some time for the official announcement to happen. Even more: Builds, if any, are expected to be released by late October or early November. We can only wait.

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