iPhone 13 Pro Max: Hands-on Video Displays What Is Considered to Be the View of Apple’s Top 2021 Cell Phone

iPhone 13 Pro Max: Hands-on Video Displays What Is Considered to Be the View of Apple's Top 2021 Cell Phone

Have you seen many rumors about the new line here on TC iphone 13 From Apple, with anything Model prototype images 13 mini, But as of now, Cupertino is silent about the huge launch.

Although we still do not know when the model will be officially announced, it appears that some prototypes of the model 13 pro max Moving around and the Unbox Therapy YouTube channel may be able to get their hands on one of them.

The model in question, as stated by the channel presenter This is not the official version of the device, but a mockup that tries to replicate the official version, Both in the material in which it is made, and in the design.

As expected, the design of the new model is very similar to the iPhone 12 Pro Max model, with the biggest difference being the size of the camera sensor, which was markedly increased.

The presenter notes that The device is slightly more expensive than its predecessor.

Another detail that draws attention to the front is Lowering the notch at the top of the screen. As indicated by rumors, the notch is much smaller, resulting in a smaller upper speaker (which appears to be sticking nicely to the top edge of the device), but the speaker’s alignment with the front camera is not centralized, which Some may bother a small user.

Regarding the side buttons and USB input, the new model maintains the same structure as the previous model, which is not surprising.

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For now, it is not possible to know if this will be the final design of the device, but this confirmation should come soon.

Did you like the alleged new look of the iPhone?

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