Artist sues Capcom for allegedly using stolen photos in Resident Evil and other games

Artist sues Capcom for allegedly using stolen photos in Resident Evil and other games

designer Judy A. juraseki filed a case against capcom Last Friday, claiming that the company used photos from your book, Surface, in many games. Surface Originally published in 1996, and contains a collection of 1,200 texture images, all drawn by the artist himself. A CD accompanies the book, but commercial use of the images required direct contact, which was not the case. capcom (Via polygon)

There are over 100 pages of documentation documenting the photos the developer is using in various games in the process. At least 80 images must have been used for various purposes, including building sets and descriptions. Another argument made by the artist was that some of the image files had the same names as those on the CD with the book. Surface. The example presented in the case was a metallic texture, labeled “ME009” on both. Even the K logo has a glass texture resident devil 4 would have been taken from the work of Juracek, as the procedure states:

“It is hard to imagine that Jurassek would have photographed broken glass in Italy in the interior design of mansion doors and that Capcom artists would have used the exact same broken glass pattern in their logos and interior designs without profiting from Jurassic’s photographs. Will be reintroduced.”

Part of the process established by Jurassack, showing the textures used in the Resident Evil 4 logo.

except for the logo resident devil 4, there will be more than 200 other events in which capcom The artist’s images must have been used in some way. The main use will be in marble textures and sculpted details, which are very common elements in the developer’s game scenarios. piece of evidence presented by Juracek The data was obtained due to the company’s data leak that took place in November last year. According to him, the information leaked online includes “High-resolution images of the art used in Resident Evil and other games.”

Another picture may have been used in the making of the Resident Evil remake.

The procedure also states that capcom was accused of copying the work of a recent Richard Raforst, film director frankenstein’s army. The purpose of the citation must be to demonstrate that the company has a standard in conduct that uses the works of other artists in elements of its games without the right to do so.

developer of resident Evil have to bear the total $12 million dollars For copyright infringement, if the court upholds the attorney’s request Juracek. In addition, the company must also compensate the artist for “wrong copyright management and removal of copyright management”. In this case, the value may be different from $2,500 a $25,000 dollars For each picture used.

till now, capcom He said he was aware of the trial but did not comment further on the matter.

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