Asus ends up with screws to fix M.2 SSDs on its motherboard

Asus ends up with screws to fix M.2 SSDs on its motherboard

No more losing the small screws that come with your PC

a Asus Finished with small screws to fix SSDs M.2 On your new motherboard. These parts can be a major problem for less organized users, as they were quite easy to lose – no matter where you are. Cabinet Or on your home carpet.

In its place, the Taiwanese manufacturer has implemented a free-lock system, which will facilitate the installation of NVMe SSD. Known as “Q-Latch”, this feature locks you SSD Just in place with a slight rotation.

Just turn on the lock and your storage drive is already installed. Asus announced the feature and provided an initial view of how the system works via video posted on its official Twitter account.

This locking system will be used with the new motherboard Asus Z590, Which will come with support for the processor 11th-generation Intel Core (codenamed “Rocket Lake-S”). These new models are expected to be launched in March 2021 next month.

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As the website states Pc mag, This may be a small change, but it is certainly very welcome. After all, an NVMe SSD is a good resource for those who want to get maximum performance from their PC, especially with the advent of new generation games.

Only the installation process is, at the very least, used to be annoying. After all, it usually involves very small screws that have a tendency to slip out of place or get lost in a corner of the cabinet.

It is relatively easy to lose any screws or spacer that remain after installation. With this, you are prevented from installing a new NVMe SSD until you purchase spare parts for the lost ones.

Another positive side is that the locking system comes standard on the motherboard and is directly incorporated into its design. The main downside is that this lock appears to be made of plastic, which raises doubts about its durability.

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