At the age of 38, Anderson Varejao is back in the NBA’s Cavaliers

At the age of 38, Anderson Varejao is back in the NBA's Cavaliers

Anderson Varejão is back at home. The Brazilian axis signed a ten-day contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team he defended in the first twelve seasons in the NBA, the North American Basketball League. Ohio State also has the city where players have been living in Oakland since 2004 with brief signs – where they defended the Golden State Warriors for a year – and Rio de Janeiro, where they played for Flamengo, in which N.B.B. Was the champion. 2018/19 season. Vareja has been out of action since the Chinese World Cup to be held in September 2019. Starting at 8:00 pm (Brasilia time) this Tuesday (4), he will already be at the disposal of coach JB Bakerstaff, against the match. Phoenix Suns, best league campaign team.

After the World Cup in 2019, Brazil returned to Cleveland for a personal project to try to dedicate to his family and return to the NBA. He and his wife, American Stasi, became the parents of the girl Sereni, who was born in April 2020. During a career hiatus, which began in 2019 and extended throughout the epidemic period, Vareja trained at home alone, first in the garage and then in the basement of the couple’s residence.

“It was not easy. But it is one of the things that marked my career. Never giving up. Thinking that he had appeared at a press conference with the Brazilian press this Tuesday (4).

Accepting the Cleveland Cavaliers’ offer, by contrast, did not require much thought. According to Varejo, if the invitation had happened earlier, he would have accepted it. The time required to care for her newborn daughter did not stop her from dedicating herself to maintaining her fitness.

“It was a very easy decision and I think it was right. I kept myself ready all the time, the opportunity came and I was able to accept it,” he said.

Dhuri returns to the team on which he spent practically his entire career in the United States. He joined the franchise in 2004 and, with it, reached two NBA Finals in 2007 and 2015, interestingly, he left the team only when the ‘Cavs’ reached their peak in history: the NBA’s first and only title, Weather in 2015-16. To give the episode an even more picturesque tone, Varejao was on the other side of the court in a decision that wore a Golden State Warriors shirt.

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Now, Brazil comes into a team in a completely different position. The only thing that probably reminds you of the past is shirt 17 which you will wear again. Since the departure of playmaker LeBron James in 2018, the Cleveland Cavaliers have the fewest wins in the entire league (only 59 in this period). The team is undergoing reconstruction, which focuses on the development of young people. The team has an average age of 24.9 years, the seventh youngest squad in the league. The most prominent names are between 20 and 23 years old, including the axle Jarrett Allen, 23, a prerequisite for the same status as Varejao. Brazil believes that it can offer many lessons to the young team.

“The phase of renewal is never easy. When the franchise goes through this renovation, you have to understand that many things are going to happen. It’s going to win a game, suddenly it will lose. There are many ups and downs. . Many mistakes. As a youth team. It is time to take advantage of these latest games. I take the opportunity to help young children with their experience whatever they may. But it can get worse. And when you’re very young, you don’t see these things. “

Vergeo may no longer exist when Cleveland’s youthful promises finally mature. Dhuri signed a ten-day contract, the lowest possible in the NBA. You will probably be less on the court and more on the back. With only eight games left to end the regular season, Varejao does not know what the future means for him.

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At age 38, he can only imagine what it would be like to return to a Cleveland gym, formerly called Quick Lone Arena, now named Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. And this is a future that is closer than ever. It is immediate. Soon, from 20h, he can enter the court against the Suns.

“I’m sure many memories will emerge, many emotions will come, everything will be great. I won’t find out later. I’m living in the moment”, he concluded.

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