At Tiktok, men are not just skating superstars

At Tiktok, men are not just skating superstars

Courtney Atencio roams the long, empty streets of California. In one video, she grabs the back of a Toyota Camry and cruises behind it. In another, she is with her friends, practicing tricks at a local skate park. every time, Clips of Anticio Undoubtedly cool, and they are quickly filled with comments from fans asking for tips on starting skating. Anticio did not start skating or his tic-tac-toe account to gain fame, but he quickly found a niche in both communities that he never experienced when he grew up.

“When I was 14, the boys made fun of me for trying to go to a skate park because I’m the only female there,” said Anticio. Edge. “Keeping a tick, being able to show the girls that you’re not alone, you can still skate, you don’t listen to all those guys, that’s very important.”

Skate culture has taken on a new lease of life on Tiktok, with impressive moves, painful wipes and short videos hanging on a local skatepark collectively bringing billions of views. The explosion in the skateboarding video encouraged former skaters to pick up the hobby again and convince completely new kids to try it for the first time – and the male-dominated world that has been the face of skate culture for decades. , Many of Tiktok’s stars are women and people.

Hashtags like #GirlsWoskate and #skatergirl continue to grow, creating a never-ending sea of ​​videos starring girls and stars. Swipe around, and you’ll find scatterbrains like Brianna King, an incredibly famous creator known for offering tips that can be used at the start of a new era, or Skatebook, An all-girl skateboard group in Scotland that regularly posts videos of their time skating. But many creators are like Atencio, who posts videos of a solo ride to his home in the suburbs of Los Angeles or spends his time hanging out in skateparks with friends.

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Faith Perryman, who also says: “I’ve seen a lot of skateboarding on Tikatok like I’ve never done before.” Postes skate videos on Tikatok, Told Edge. “I don’t really know if it’s because there are a lot of girls on Tiktok in general, or if Tiktok has made skateboarding videos more accessible.”

Thanks to Tiktok’s recommended algorithm, over 250,000 people Perryman saw a video of Acadia, Maine, skateboarding on an empty road in the Atlantic Ocean, a few miles behind him after sunrise. The app is constantly providing new videos to people who are involved with similar types of content. In fact, if you like, comment or share some skateboarding videos, TikTalk will fill your feed more and more.

After the fall In the late ’00s And besides, there’s been a resurgence in skate culture over the last few years. The success of streetwear brands such as Supreme Lean heavily on the skateboarding charm Helped drive a new interest in boarding, the epidemic gave people more time Finally to try their hand On this, and a remaster of the first two Tony Hawk’s Pro Scatter Games introduced even older problems. By the time the Games were canceled, skateboarding was about to begin at the Olympics this year.

It’s not like women rats and trans skaters weren’t in the last half century, but it was the men who dominated its covers. Thrasher Magazine, The men who starred in the required VHS concepts that would go around skate shops, and the men who made many famous skaters very famous Tony Hawk The game. Tiktok has helped low-visibility scatters find more inclusive community communities.

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Perryman grew up around skateboarding – his brother and dad all skate – but he still felt intimidated by the male-dominated culture. On Tiktok, she found herself with a new platform and a bunch of young girls who wanted to emulate her style. Atencio, of which, 000, 76, followers. Followers are followers, saying she is constantly surprised by the number of girls who ask her what size board she should get.

C., a transnational artist, said he was inspired by the trans skaters who relied on the app’s main feed, and thought, “I might be able to do it myself.” When he grew up in skateboarding, he moved out as an adult. It wasn’t until the epidemic spread, and C had more time to choose old hobbies, he said Jumped back into it.

“Skating is such a punk, anti-social thing, and in my opinion, it’s transferring like that and especially exists outside of binary,” he told C. Edge. “It was wonderful to see those two things happen on Tiktok.”

Problems that have existed in skate culture for years also exist on Tiktok. Men are seen making poster-calling remarks to girls and women making negative comments on women’s skating. Perryman tries to ignore the comments, but Atencio argues for constructive comments that outweigh the negatives he receives.

“Every negative comment is going to be like 20x more commendable comments where people are pressuring me and saying good job,” Anticio said.

But creators like Anticio and Perryman want to encourage people to get off the tick and really want to try skateboarding. It’s about getting Perimon and Anticio on the skateboarding board and meeting others the way people see it. These are Anticio’s closest friends – the ones he puts on skateparks, she says – who pushed him to “do what I do on Tiktok.”

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