Atletico-MG and Flamengo face off this Wednesday for the Copa do Brasilla

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Me and 65,000 more people there will be red and black. And that is the only conflict on Atletico’s mind and the prospect of not reaching the quarter-finals of the Copa do Brasil certainly causes great pain. Flamengo and Atlético Mineiro will face each other for a return match of the Round of 16 in Maracan this Wednesday at 9:30 pm.

In Mineirao, Gallo won 2–1, Gabigol declared after the end of the match which set the duel on fire. Gabigol said that when Atletico go to Maracana, they will know what the pressure is, what the hell is. As if the natural rivalry between the teams from the ’80s wasn’t enough, the scorer’s phrase took the confrontation to another level.

Flamengo’s vice president of football, Marcos Braz. Cock pinned. But he explained: “The Maracan will be packed, there will be a big party, and it will be hell. But it’s not a problem at all when we say that. It’s about the pressure, Flamengo wants to win, the commitment of the players.” , the players race and the power of the crowds outside. Football is getting so boring, any statement is controversial, I don’t know what. We have to start humanizing it even more, but there it will be one hell of it.”

Also, after the tie between Atlético and So Paulo, the Hulk complained to the referee of Andersen Duronco for not scoring a penalty in Gallo’s favour. Flamengo sent a letter to the CBF saying it would be an attempt to pressure the referee.

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The referee has been assigned to Wilton Pereira Sampaio. He will be responsible for leading one of the most anticipated matches of the year. Flamengo need to win by at least two goals to qualify. Simple wins go to penalties, any other result benefits Atletico. Despite so much controversy off the field, Zaracho guarantees the focus will be on the Gallo squad.

Two great parties on Wednesday in the Carioca winter according to the weather forecast night rain and 22 degree temperature.

Radio National broadcast the match at 21:20, leaving fans’ hearts warm for the fight.

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