[Atualizado] Sony backs down on ignoring PS Plus upgrade discount; understand

[Atualizado] Sony backs down on ignoring PS Plus upgrade discount;  understand

from tomorrow, new ps plus Talking to you about your upgrade.

First, we had information that when upgrading, Sony ignores discounts that already apply to active subscriptions, That is, you have to pay the discount that you had earlier. PlayStation Hong Kong technical support confirmed This story this morning.

Now, it looks like things are finally getting more realistic. One taiwan user Explained that when he tries to upgrade a new count is being provided. In the screenshot below you can see that the PS Store charged them $960.83, while today it is $617.38.

The story as a whole seemed quite surreal and would probably cause even more controversy if the new PS Plus was already available here. However, because it will only come in June 13It’s likely that this won’t be the case, given what we have right now.

image of monday

today’s image

update: Sony said via Twitter that it was a ‘technical error’ that the entire discount issue was ignored and fixed.

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