Australia facing record number of COVID-19 cases per micron edition – 01/04/2022

Australia facing record number of COVID-19 cases per micron edition - 01/04/2022

Australia has recorded nearly 50,000 cases of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, a historic number driven by the Omicron version that prompted the population to multiply testing.

Deputy Medical Director Sonya Bennett said Australia has recorded 47,738 infections with coronavirus In the past 24 hours, the spread of Omicron caused 38,000 cases as against Monday.

She said that 2,362 people are suffering from coronavirus in hospitals across the country, which is almost double compared to last week. The number of people admitted to the ICU is very small, 184, of whom 59 are being assisted by a respirator, the same as a week ago.

“The number of cases continues to rise. These are numbers that we haven’t seen in Australia,” Bennett said.

Although the spread of Omicron has left some patients seriously ill, it has led to home antigen testing and hours-long lines at PCR testing centers.

Australia had managed to suppress infections almost completely during the pandemic, by closing the border and embarking on an aggressive campaign of testing and tracing. Its “zero COVID” policy ended, however, with the wave of earlier cases. delta version,

Australia now relies on vaccination to protect its population, of whom 91.5% of those over the age of 16 are fully vaccinated.

Bennett said, “I think right now we all know someone who is with COVID, or we have coworkers who aren’t working because they’re in quarantine, or in isolation, or on our daily lives.” There are events and other effects.”

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According to him, preliminary evidence suggests that the majority of patients in intensive care were infected with the delta variant, and many of them did not have full vaccinations.

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