‘Back to the Future’: Watch stories and trivia about the film – Mone

'Back to the Future': Watch stories and trivia about the film - Mone

Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox Back to the Future (1985) scene (Photo: Publicity)

36 years ago a boy took the funniest trip to the cinema. In DeLorean, Marty McFly transforms past, present and future and stirred the imagination of thousands of people around the world. Even though it was made without any appearances and faced obstacles in its implementation, Back to the Future managed to succeed as a popcorn film and found itself as one of the greatest science fiction films in the cinematographic universe. and gave rise to two sequences.

Marty McFly with his parents in a scene from Back to the Future (1985) in 1985 (Photo: Reproduction)

Marty McFly with his parents in a scene from Back to the Future (1985) in 1985 (Photo: Reproduction)

Directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Steven Spielberg, the film follows McFly’s accidental journey from 1985 until his parents were in high school. He realizes the hard way that every action on the timeline has consequences. The production propelled Michael J Fox to become a Hollywood star with a supporting role in a TV series. But the actor almost missed out on the big work of his career. Fox producers Spielberg and Bob Gale had an initial plan, who asked the actor to team up on the Family Ties series. The request was denied and so they had to go with another option: Eric Stoltz.

Eric Stoltz and Christopher Lloyd in a scene recorded from Back to the Future (Photo: Reproduction)

Eric Stoltz and Christopher Lloyd in a scene recorded from Back to the Future (Photo: Reproduction)

However, after four weeks of shooting, the director noticed that there was no chemistry between the actor and his character. “I chose poorly. It had nothing to do with Eric’s talent or abilities. He is a great actor. His comedy sense was not what I expected from the film. It was painful for everyone and the studio cost millions of dollars. You have to do what needs to be done.”, justifies Robert Zemeckis in an interview with Empire magazine. Stoltz himself admitted that the exchange was agreed upon. Opera Synopsis: Michael J Fox was released from Family Ties and the feature was the biggest grosser of 1985, grossing $381 million.

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Marty McFly with his parents in a scene from Back to the Future (1985) in 1955 (Photo: Reproduction)

Marty McFly with his parents in a scene from Back to the Future (1985) in 1955 (Photo: Reproduction)

The film not only marked Fox’s life, but turned the car into a time machine into a pop icon. DeLorean was produced between 1976 and 1983, until his company went bankrupt, and brand founder John DeLorean was so thrilled with the use of his creation in film that he sent letters of thanks to Bob Gale and Steven Spielberg.

Cobb designed the interior and exterior of the Back to the Future DeLorean (Photo: Publicity)

Concept art by DeLorean from Back to the Future (Photo: Promotions)

As if Marty kissed his own mother in 1955 and changed the course of history, a good result changed the team’s intent. “When you make a hit like Back to the Future, it becomes part of an asset. It gets bigger than the filmmaker. Basically you’re given a choice: ‘Let’s make a sequel, will you? Want to participate or not?’ That’s why we felt it was necessary to protect our work,” analyzes the director.

Doc Brown, from the 'Back to the Future' trilogy (Photo: Publicity)

Doc Brown, ‘Back to the Future’ (Photo: Disclosure)

The franchise returned in 1989 with McFly – the great inventor of the time machine – trying to save his son from prison. The destination year is precisely 2015, which makes it the most curious episode for us. Despite the flying cars we don’t see passing by, many of the technologies seen in McFly’s “future” have become reality – and in some cases even obsolete (see the fax machine, which was considered the major means of communication in the film). “We were thinking, ‘How do you make common 1980s things with a technological twist? Screenwriter Bob Gale explained to NBC News.

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Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox in Back to the Future scene (1985) (Photo: Reproduction)

Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox in Back to the Future scene (1985) (Photo: Reproduction)

In homage to Western classics, the third part of the story takes Marty into the past, this time in the American Wild West. Although the focus was on Michael J Fox, the producers took a risk by placing Christopher Lloyd at the forefront of the 1990 story. In fact, it was in this film that the actor, who was then 51 years old, gave his first visible kiss. We won’t deliver on where DeLorean was last parked and what happened to the pair, but know that he won’t leave it there anymore. “It’s not Back to the Future Part IV and shouldn’t exist. I don’t think anything should be done in a fourth order. Three is a dramatic number, it’s a three-act structure. Four is even. Four boring. is.”, Robert Zemeckis ruled.

Check out the curiosities about the film:
> The original Calvin Klein – the famous American designer who gave his name to Marty McFly in his disguise – turns 13 on November 19, 1955, a week after the Undersea Enchantment Ball.

> The first film won the Oscars for Best Effects and Sound Editing

> Christopher Lloyd would have liked to make a fourth film, in which Marty would return to Ancient Rome

The 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, was such a fan that he even quoted the film in his State of the Union address.

> All parts of the film that featured Reagan had to be approved by the White House

> In 2008, the American Film Institute recognized the film (Back to the Future) as the 10th best American science fiction film in history.

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> Universal president at the time, Sid Sheinberg, did not want the film to be called ‘Back to the Future’, as he believed that no one would see anything with a future in its name. Your title suggestion? ‘Astronauts from Pluto’.

>’Back to the Future’ was the highest grossing film of 1985 with $381 million worldwide

Check out the technologies ‘launched’ by the franchisee:
Drones The small aerial robot seen in the film taking pictures for newspapers is already a part of many newsroom routines – especially at events such as political demonstrations. And much more: today anyone can buy their own drone at prices starting from XXX reais.

HOVERBOARD In 2014, a company announced a great effort: They floated a board by means of a magnetic field. For now, this hoverboard only works on a particular surface, it’s noisy and doesn’t have a powerful battery, but the scientists are not disappointed.

NIKE AIRMAG > Created by designer Tinker Hatfield, the sneaker has a light in the heel and a system that allows the shoelace to automatically tighten. In 2011 Nike released a functional limited edition Nike Mag, the sale of which was returned to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Hologram > If the hologram was one of the wildest futuristic inventions conceived decades ago, today one of Japan’s biggest pop stars is an animated character whose show is only possible thanks to this technology.

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