Bahia Notias / Sports / News / Creative Holiday: Fighter Virna Jandiroba creates ‘Soap Opera’ and gets followers on Instagram

Bahia Notias / Sports / News / Creative Holiday: Fighter Virna Jandiroba creates 'Soap Opera' and gets followers on Instagram

Instagram is a tool that brings fans even closer to athletes. When an athlete sees in action, people search the social network for their idol’s profile – or potential with someone. This thesis was proved by UFC fighter Virna Jandiroba. Baiana de Serrinha, she gained new followers since she launched a “novel” in the app to reduce wear and weight cuts on December 12 at UFC 256, Las Vegas, before the last fight against Brazilian-American McKenzie Dern. Make. In Vegas, United States.

“The crowd has loved it. It surprised me a lot. There were people who started following me because of the soap. They keep asking me to do the episode. The other day, they were sad, because I didn’t do that. Done. It is very good, very good. “, Observed in an interview with Bahia Nautius. She even appears with a black eye, a sign of fighting openly with her fellow rival.

“Novegram”, as Virana himself invented to call soap operas, began during the weight loss holiday. It is worth remembering that fighters follow a diet to gain muscle mass and consequently also gain weight. But a few days before the weight-in, they are required to make sacrifices, which are not limited to just closing their mouths, but include doing a sauna and cardio aerobic exercises, as much as possible for the official fighting range. Sweating to reach. This process involves not only physical but also psychological of fighters.

“I didn’t plan this soap opera. In fact, I was in Las Vegas and the process of losing weight is a bit tedious, complicated and sometimes messes with our psychologist. And I found a way to have fun. Extracted. In this context “, explained Veerana, who made his debut at the UFC in April 2019 and has already suffered four fights, two wins and two defeats.

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Virna, Mentha and Bam. Photos: Playback / Instagram

Based on real facts
The chapters of the novel are composed with real-life experiences and childhood memories of Veerana. For this reason, she revolves around three central characters, a 7-year-old little girl, Veena, Myna’s daughter, boss and strict mother in the education of the girl and a quiet father, Bem. The trio is played by Jandiroba herself, whose “characterization” is done through Instagram filters.

“In fact, all the episodes I’ve done have happened in real life. I get inspired by these events in real life and do episodes,” he commented. He said, “They are inspired by my parents. My mother has always been a household leader and my father is very relaxed. Of course the character is a caricature, but it represents well. My quietest father and My most excited, Boss’s mother “, he said.

Apart from the main trio, other characters will appear as needed, as are the cases of friend Renatino, played by Renato Velum, the head coach of the Bahian fighter, and the neighbor, who tells Metha’s antics that the little girl was on the street. Plays in .

He added, “It may be that new characters also appear. But even more fortunately. I don’t think of retaining them. The characters that will remain in the plot are Bem and Virna”.


Despite not having a plan, the novel’s success among followers is not coincidental. Veer Jandiroba confesses that he was addicted to serials in childhood and adolescence. Habit that made it a point to lose when entering the world of quarrels.

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“Actually, I don’t even have TV anymore and I don’t watch soap operas anymore. I’ve seen a lot when I was a kid and a teenager. In general, I don’t watch anymore. But I was really very hooked . I think I’m trying now. Not following, because sometimes I find myself trapped in a conspiracy “, she said.

Virana also revealed that she considered her career in dramatics even in childhood. But it was by Octagon that he was enchanted. “When I was a kid I already thought of doing something theater-related, but it was something like that. Then I got into a fight and I was very confident that it was happening in a fight,” he said . “But I like it very much. I’m always inventing new characters, even in my relationships, playing … It’s something that I do spontaneously within my own friendly relationships and etc. I know. Who knows, right? Opening around, but nothing is planned. “

Virna Jandibora and Coach Renato Velam | Photo: Playback / Instagram Virna Jandiroba

A North Korea Report of North Korea
After an engagement in the Octagon against Mackenzie Dern, Veer Jandiroba spent a few days wandering the Las Vegas American desert with Renato Velum. On one of those tourist days, he lost his passport. And, of course, the end of the saga is being done through soap operas.

“This thing really happened about lost documents in Las Vegas. I lost my passport and decided to make up a story thinking about this episode and wondering how my mother would react and based on real life How did the episode come about. “

After being scolded by Maitha, who could not get the girl’s “birth certificate” for the bus trip, Virinha sought out “Sack” in the United States with Renatinho, who was trying to communicate with agents, Because she still speaks. English, to get a duplicate of the document and return to Fierra de Santana, where he lives. Watch Episode:

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