BancoEstado offers 0.52% per month a rate for loans to MSMEs

BancoEstado offers 0.52% per month a rate for loans to MSMEs

The initiative is designed for micro, small and medium-sized companies that are certified as B companies.

If Bancoestado broke up with it a few months ago “The mortgage“Now the state financial company has redefined its commitment to SMEs. The president of the unit, Ricardo de Tezanos Pinto, stated that Launched a special loan for micro, small, medium and large companies working or investing capital that are certified as B companies.

Offer Considers historical rate of 0.56% per month for MSMEs, While for the wholesale segment (medium and large companies) it will depend on the respective valuation, but it will be under preferential terms.

As part of the launch of a program created in conjunction with Sijema B. Chile from Tejnos Pinto, he assured that “We have the satisfaction of encouraging socially and environmentally responsible companies and making a contribution to the country and society that leaves an impression. This brand will remain for future generations.”

The State Bank stressed that it is a pioneering measure in the country, which seeks to encourage companies to incorporate the best practices of a sustainable socio-environmental culture in their activities.

For her part, Josephina Monge, chairwoman of Sistema Bee, commented, “The financial system increasingly recognizes that companies that have a positive impact on the community and the environment are low-risk companies and, therefore, low Interest rates can reach. What was already happening with green credits for companies and environmental projects is now being extended to BancoStado’s determination to be certified B companies for the first time. “

To use a particular product, Companies have to submit their respective certificates and make their request through the channels provided by the bank.

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The product, designed by Bancoestado, gathers international experience, where such initiatives have been implemented, integrating the logic of business and banking with socio-environmental development practices and cultures.

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