Barcelona officially signed Lewandowski for 4 years

Barcelona officially signed Lewandowski for 4 years

Three days after announcing the start of a deal with Bayern Munich for the signing of Lewandowski, Barcelona made the arrival of a Polish striker official. Reinforcement passed the medical examination and signed for four seasons with a release penalty of 500 million euros (about R$2.75 billion).

The Catalan club made some videos showing the player’s arrival in the United States, where the team is doing the pre-season, and the first meeting with new teammates, with many hugs and congratulations. Afterwards, Lewandowski donned the shirt and displayed the new team’s emblem. “New member of the family”, “Welcome, Lewandowski”, and “Official”, were the captions of the post.

“FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich have reached an agreement for the transfer of Robert Lewandowski for a total of 45 million euros + 5 million euros vari (approximately $275.8 million). The player signs a contract with the club for the next four The release clause for the season is set at €500 million (approximately R$2.758 billion),” said Barcelona.

The final deal comes three days after the club announced an in-principle deal with the Polish striker, which came during the team’s flight to the United States. Lewandowski arrived in Miami on Sunday and met his new teammates. Barca also passed the medical examination.”

Lewandowski revealed after the end of the season that he would not like to continue at the German club, where he made history with the title, artillery and best in the world award. However, the Bavarian leadership worked hard and Dhruv was forced to return to training in Munich. Showing dissatisfaction, he delayed for three seasons before the deal ended with a happy ending.

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