Barcelona protests after rapper’s arrest, letter world against Spanish monarchy

Barcelona protests after rapper's arrest, letter world against Spanish monarchy

Pablo Hustle was convicted in 2018 and should have reported to the police last week. The case sparked controversy over freedom of expression in the country.

The protesters set fire to the garbage heap on February 16, 2021, following the arrest of Captain Rapper, convicted of letters with crimes against the monarchy – Photo: Nacho Dosse / Reuters

Hasel was convicted of letters and tweets that contained references to the separatist paramilitary group ETA, compared to the Nazis and Juan Carlos da Spain, Mphet’s King, leader of the mafia.

Catalonia’s regional police Mossos de-Ikadra responded to rock and debris attacks by Barcelona protesters with projectiles.

The protesters set fire to several plastic dumps in the city and blocked roads in the central region.

Cataloz D’Squadra, Catalan police, amid protests in central Barcelona against the rapper’s arrest on 16 February 2021 – Photo: Nacho Dosse / Reuters

There are reports of vandalism and attempted robbery on social media. Louis Vuitton’s facade of Passeig de Gràcia – an important road for commerce and tourism – would have been attacked.

this Tuesday, Barcelona face Paris St. German For 16 rounds of the Champions League at Camp Nou. The stadium is a little far from the city center, where the protests are concentrated.

In addition to the Catalan capital, Mossos reports that there are disturbances in at least two other nearby cities: Lelida and Vic. The glass of Vic’s police station was broken.

The rapper was arrested on Tuesday at the University of Lleida, 150 km from Barcelona, ​​where he barricaded a group of supporters.

“Victory will be ours. Without forgetting or pardoning,” he said when arrested. An hour earlier, he published lyrics of songs and texts on a social network, which resulted in his conviction.

More than 200 actors signed a dossier against the rapper’s arrest, including film director Pedro Almodovar, actor Xavier Bardem and singer Joan Manuel Seerat.

Masked man barricades Barcelona street after rapper’s arrest on February 16, 2021 – Photo: Nacho Dosse / Reuters

Spain’s government said last week that it would change the 2015 law that makes the glorification of armed groups like the ETA a crime and insults the monarchy and religions.

With reform, the sentence will be lighter, and will only lead to legal action if there is a risk to public order or incite violent conduct.

The ETA was dissolved in 2018, four years after violent campaigns for independence from the Basque country, a region in northern Spain.

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