Before updating WhatsApp and publishing your data, learn how to protect your privacy

Before updating WhatsApp and publishing your data, learn how to protect your privacy

After announcing the details of the new update to the WhatsApp application, which is implicit in the imposition of sharing user data with other Facebook products and applications, and not accepting the terms of the new privacy policy, starting February 8, 2021 Gonna have his WhatsApp account deleted. Most users of the WhatsApp application turned to other applications that provide privacy, in addition to how to protect their data on the phone.

In this regard, some tips that protect privacy, and how to prevent applications from accessing data recorded on the phone:

Phone Privacy Protection Tips:

1. Improvement of location settings in applications:

Some apps need to collect geolocation data to work, but these apps can be modified to protect privacy.

1- On iOS users, go to Settings, then click Privacy, and click on the Location Services option, so that a list of applications appears, as well as set the location for each of them.
It is possible to determine the level of access to your location data, which is: the first always uses app data even when it is not used, the second is during app usage while using the app, and the last There is never the option, which prevents the app from tracking your location.

2- About Android users, go to Settings, press Security and location and scroll down to the location option under the privacy section, press the app-level permission option, the app-level permission, the app menu is visible, for the app Stop running the site and press the toggle button next to it.

2. Check the location settings for the applications:

The geographical location of each application installed on your phone is important, and it is important that you remove all applications that you have not used, and be sure to disable location access services by applications.

3- Turn off site log settings:

Save Android and Apple devices to a list called Frequent Locations, which includes travel locations and length of stay there. To protect privacy, remove history from settings.

4. Use a VPN:

Using a VPN, you can encrypt your activity on the Internet, and visit the website directly on various servers to hide the location. Reliable and well-known networks must be used, as the application store includes many free VPN applications, but they operate with questionable practices.

Tips to prevent apps from stealing data:

1- Beware of permissions requested by the application:

You should check the permissions that the app requests when using it, and ask yourself, why does the app request those permissions? Where the application requests to use data that is unrelated to its functions, and signals the presence of something unusual.

2. Use the password manager app:

And due to the reliance on a uniform password for all applications, which leads to a breach of their accounts, it has become important to rely on secure and encrypted password manager applications: such as Google Chrome.

3. Remember to update the operating system:

Updating the operating system is critical to maintaining the security of your data, as system updates include improvements within privacy and security features, so experts suggest modifying phone settings to update automatically.

4. Monitor your phone’s performance:

Monitoring the performance of the phone after installing the application is important, as the slow performance of the phone and the lack of battery speed are clear signs that the application is running continuously in the background to access the data at all times.

Be sure to download the application from the official store, as Google Play includes a “Play Protect” service that checks the application before downloading.

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