Beijing begins mass campaign

Beijing begins mass campaign

In February, thousands of people queued to receive the Kovid-19 vaccine in Beijing in a campaign to vaccinate millions before the Chinese New Year travel season.

More than 73,000 people have received their first dose of the vaccine in the last two days in the Chinese capital, state media reported Sunday, including community activists and bus drivers.

Health officials have “conditionally approved” the Chinese group Sinopharma vaccine on the last day of 2020, which, according to the lab, is 79% effective.

Public television channel CCTV showed images of queues at hospitals and community health centers. People waited to read the consent forms and measured the temperature before vaccinating.

Officials have announced that vacant gyms and commercial establishments will be converted into vaccination centers.

There are plans to vaccinate millions of people in China by the middle of February on the occasion of Chinese New Year.

Beijing administered 4.5 million doses of vaccines during the testing phase, mostly on the staff and other employees working abroad, according to officials.

But China is now planning a gradual vaccination campaign, which begins with high-risk groups such as port and logistics workers, as well as those planning to resume study abroad.

China – Where New Coronavirus At the end of 2019 – the virus was controlled within limits based on Draconian imprisonment and large-scale clinical trials when a case was detected.

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