Beijing orders importers to avoid frozen food from countries where major coronaviruses spread

Beijing orders importers to avoid frozen food from countries where major coronaviruses spread
According to A. Statement “Customs and local governments have repeatedly detected coronavirus in imported cold chain food, proving it is a hazardous contamination,” said Beijing Municipal Corporation Commerce Bureau.

The Bureau urges importers to keep a close eye on the global epidemic situation and “take the initiative to avoid importing cold chain foods from epidemic-affected areas.” Companies are instructed to improve their alerts and reporting isms and to notify authorities as soon as possible of positive product tests.

Health officials, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have said Coronavirus is less likely to be caught through foodBut China, which has largely sealed the domestic transmission of the virus, is on high alert for the possibility of a recurrence.
A bunch of chicken wings imported from Brazil last month Tested for coronavirus in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, Is one of the many cases of the virus being detected on food products.

Those incidents led to increased scrutiny of imported food across the country and increased scrutiny of products from epidemic-hit areas such as Brazil.

As of Sept. 7, China had suspended imports from dozens of food companies in at least 19 countries and territories where workers have been infected with the coronavirus. State Media.
Last week, China’s General Administration of Customs Announced “Emergency precautionary measures” against a Norwegian company after a frozen seafood package tested positive for the virus.

On Saturday, customs officials said samples taken from the outer packaging of Russian dehydrated products imported into Shandong province tested positive for coronavirus, while on Friday China Customs said a group of frozen fish from Brazil The inner packaging also tested positive for the virus.

National Health Commission of China Said on Monday There have been no new locally transmitted virus cases or epidemic-related deaths in the last 24 hours.
According to a list compiled by Johns Hopkins University, 90,483 confirmed and 4,739 deaths from coronavirus in China. Most cases were detected in the early stages of the epidemic, with less than 500 new infections since the beginning of March.

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