Beijing tightens sanctions as Kovid-19 revives world

Beijing tightens sanctions as Kovid-19 revives world

Beijing has tightened sanctions to counter the Kovid-19, as increased travel flows during the holiday period could increase the transition to the capital after local broadcast cases were reported for the fourth consecutive day on Sunday (27). .

A meeting led by Cai Qi, the head of the capital’s Communist Party, called on all Beijing districts to go into “emergency” mode, closing the residential complexes and villages where the infection was detected.

Shenzhen Technology Center in Southern China, Reported an asymptomatic case, a patient who made two business trips to Beijing this month.

Pedestrian movement in Beijing’s financial center in July photo – Photo: REUTERS / Tingshu Wang

The Shuni district, where all cases of coronovirus have recently been reported in Beijing, has gone into war mode and is testing its 800,000 inhabitants.

The neighboring state of Shunya, Chiang District, has completed a test of 234,413 people in three neighborhoods, and none has tested positive.

The district government said that people who do not give exam results cannot leave.

According to Chinese media, some residential complexes in Tongzhou have implemented safety and temperature control.

China has controlled coronovirus to a great extent, but fewer cases are being reported in cities.

Officials plan to vaccinate 50 million people in high-risk groups before the Lunar New Year holiday (starting February 11), according to the state’s Global Times.

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