Bellator 277 will have Minotauro as commentator; See where to watch – Sports

Bellator 277 will have Minotauro as commentator;  See where to watch – Sports

One of the biggest names in national MMA, Rogerio Minotauro, has accepted an invitation to become a commentator for Bellator 277 on ESPN 4 and Star+, which airs the event in Brazil this Friday (the 15th).

in California, in a fight held in the United States and which Deserving a featherweight belt, Brazilian Patricio Pitbull will face American AJ Mackie, Along with the former fighter, the broadcast team will include narrator Ari Aguirre and analyst Renato Rebello.

LANCE! In an interview with Ms.

1- What do you expect from this rematch? Is Patricio a Pitbull Favorite?
It’s a tough fight. I really believe in pitbull because he has a very strong history, he was the unified champion of two categories which is considered the toughest of the mods, because in this weight range you need power and speed, which Near Pitbull.

2- What are the points that Brazilian fighters can use to emerge victorious?
The pitbull has the sophisticated technique and power of a heavyweight. He is an accomplished fighter with knockout power, a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and is also an expert in wrestling. He has been training this grassroots area since he joined Bellator and has invested a lot in it. But really, you can’t keep the weight of his hand apart. Patricio has a very strong part of boxing, he knows how to box both in the knockouts and backwards in the long distance. The Pitbull is one of the best fighters in the world right now in all categories for his quality and the level he has reached.

3- With many memorable fights in your career, you know very well what it’s like to be ready for an important confrontation. What is the aspect that needs discipline the most in these moments: strategy, technique or physical conditioning?
You must have a very sophisticated technique, but this tactical part is very important to know how to deal with different situations in battle. You can train wrestling and prepare for a fight on the ground, but what if you can’t take down your opponent? You need to intertwine strategy and tactics, because you don’t know exactly how the fight will unfold. If you’re looking for a fight on the ground, you need the right technique to have up your sleeve to take down your opponent. So both of these should happen in days.

4- You and the Minotauro become MMA legends. Today the Pitbull brothers are following that path. In that brother-sister relationship, can you describe how it felt to watch your brother fight in one of the biggest events in the world?
I followed the pitbull brothers for a long time and they have such a huge crowd. His brother winning is the same as winning by going up. Rodrigo and I, at times I was so terrified that my voice would fail. Because the athlete can only react, but what about the brother on the outside? I believe there is a collusion between two brothers doing the same thing, a huge conversation. I can imagine how Patricio must have felt in these preparation moments to fight in such an important match, even more so in a rematch that deserves a belt and both to be champion in Bellator at the same time. will be able to. So a lot is at stake, but I think, above all, it’s invaluable for you to be able to climb into the corner and watch your brother fulfill his dream. Sometimes it’s even more gratifying to see someone else win instead of yourself. I see both of them fit and ready for this fight, as each is the best partner for the other. They are two sensational fighters.

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