‘Best FIFA Player vs. Best Football Player’ – FIFA 21 plans unveiled

'Best FIFA Player vs. Best Football Player' - FIFA 21 plans unveiled

Influential and celebrities will take part in this year’s tournaments as EA Sports appears to combine competition and entertainment.

EA Sports has announced the details of the FIFA 21 Global Series on the road to the FIFA e-Governance Cup, with plans to “focus on entertainment” in their sporting calendar, featuring professional footballers and celebrities at tournaments. Involves fetching.

The company has been running competitive FIFA tournaments for many years, the first of which was the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) in 2004.

FIWC was named the e-World Cup in 2018 with the grand finale at London’s ਓ 2 Arena. It sees the competition as a fan-participating program in itself, with sports becoming more and more mainstream.

Following the success of the FIFA 20 Stain and Play Cup, which featured 20 professional footballers from around the world, including Joe Felix and Trent Alexander-Arnold, EA Sports has decided to create new competitions featuring footballers, celebrities and influential professional gamers and Compete with. Players esport.

The Twitch Royals Precision Invitational kicks off on October 3, while the UTGB Gaming Creators Cup is a one-day event taking place on October 8, the day after FIFA 21’s global release date.

“One of the biggest idioms and changes we’ve made is to focus on entertainment,” said Brent Conning, group director of EA Sports and FIFA commissioner. The goal.

“The Stay and Play Cup has shown us that people want to see not only the best FIFA players in the world, but also the best footballers in the world, their favorite, influential, famous.

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“That’s why we’ve announced two new events: the Twilight Rival’s Precision Invitational and the YouTube Gaming Creators Cup. This happens before the start of the FIFA 21 Global Series.

“It’s going to portray FIFA as a pure form of entertainment, so you’re going to see some of the best soccer players pitting themselves against some of FIFA’s best players. And it’s going to be really interesting.”

Difficulties in presenting live programs caused by the coronavirus epidemic have also seen EA Sports shift its competitive sports to regional programs, with tournaments now being held literally and televised or streamed online. Are.

This includes the FIFA 21 Global Series, which allows competitors to compete in more than 30 tournaments to become FIFA World Cup champions.

The Global Series will cover regional programs on all continents and is set to begin in November, if all goes well.

“Everything in the world has changed, and at EA, we’re trying to address that uncertainty,” Koning said.

“Moving from a cloud-based remote production model to an event-based model is at the top of the list for us. EA is trying to find a fixed-based solution so that we have a great quality broadcast experience.” We had to be on the live broadcast circuit.

“To do that, we have to transform into a regional-based circuit model. This allows us to bring a little more integrity and fairness to the players.”

Regional-based competition is expected to ensure that every player has an equal chance of success, and Conning insists that local servers do their best to ensure that competitions run smoothly.

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“Make sure everything is as good as it can be,” he explained.

“Testing products, a lot of testing and getting people on a level playing field is what we’re trying to do. It takes time and resources and the company is committed to finding those things.

“We’ve been to this area-based event circuit to make sure people have a better chance of having a good experience. Those local servers will be a big help.”

FIFA 21 Global Series

There will also be tournaments in the FIFA 21 Global Series, which will include some real life competitions, including the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, League 1, MLS, as well as the Champions League and the Copa Libertadores.

Conning believes that this combination of FIFA and entertainment, which is associated with footballers and celebrities, is the right move for the game of football and will ensure the entertainment and participation of fans of real life games and virtual games.

“Of course we’re still focused on the competition, but FIFA is woven into the fabric of football,” he said.

“So we want to bridge the gap between your sports reputation and your sports reputation. Having these two types of events, it allows us to engage new audiences.

“If we can encourage people at FIFA to see some of the best players in the world, we’re going to do that. We’ve seen it work with the Stay and Play Cup, with over 4 million people joining. Are. “

Registration for the FIFA 21 Global Series begins October 9 when FIFA 21 is released worldwide.

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