Best Horror Movies of 2020

Best Horror Movies of 2020

Maybe not everyone knows, but CinePOP Horror was born out of a love for films and a desire to stay in touch with their fans. So, there is nothing more natural than that we put too much emphasis on this genre, so loved a large part of the filmmakers in general. 2020 was not an easy year for anyone. It closed theaters, allowing us to support only streaming platforms to watch each day’s movies. In between everything, there was no shortage of horror films. Some gems and so many other junk.

As chaotic, scary and fortunate as a good horror film should be, 2020 was not able to defeat us and yet we managed to bring together ten major cinema productions of the horror genre to point at a list. Without further ado, let’s know the best horror movies of 2020. Oh yes, let’s not forget that this is not particularly opinion CinePOP, Is rather a mix of the average ratings of the general special press and, of course, the general public. Check it out below.

10 | Rail / railichia

Family relationships are a big part of making us human. This is what presents us with the first sensations of our lives. It defines us. And such feelings can be associated with love, happiness, but also sorrow and even horror. Thus, it is natural that Family Link produces a theme from comedy, drama, and even terror to appear in any and all cinematographic genres. Still unprecedented in Brazil, it is actually the subject of this feature, written and directed by the young filmmaker Natalie Erica James – which has already produced many videos and texts for critics in our country. In a very feminine plot, three generations of women (grandmother, mother and daughter) are stricken with supernatural powers in the family home. Think of new Halloween (2018), Michael Myers exchanged for Hunting. Live by the trio of that time Emily Mortimer, Bella heathcote I Robin Nevin.

09 | # Alive

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The ninth place on our list can be found in the Netflix collection. After the Oscar for Best Film Parasite This year, the other half of the filmmakers began to pay more attention to South Korean productions than they had yet. And one of the specialties of the country is the horror films, which have a high quality of narrative and a carefully crafted technical part. After four years of “mesmerizing” the world with immense acclaim Zombie invasion (2014) – Those who don’t have the best sequel to call (we talk about the sequence in the list of worst) -, filmmaker He Cho The zombie invests in subgenres to attract countless accolades for producing the theme in the country. Plot resembles French Knight devoured the world (2018), and shows a character “waking up” struggling to escape the “security” of his apartment. Despite the lack of originality, everything has been created with much effort and frenzy # Alive One manages to stand out as one of the best examples of Sabzin in recent years.

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08 | Damn friendship

Canadian production written and directed by Brandon Christenson, This is another film that drinks from the sources of some works of the genre, see Hidden friends, The Babadook I good night mom, But it adds its own spice to the mix, overshadowing critics and the public. Part of “scary kids” Damn friendship Soon he reveals his true paints, when we find that much below the initial premise, inviting more serious discussions on topics such as schizophrenia and depression.

07 | Hey Wolf of Snow Hallows

Another unprecedented film in our theaters (and so far in our country in general), this is a feature that falls into a new subfield – “Terrier”. Is very popular after the success of Panic (1996), films that combine terror and humor are liked for the well-being of the people, and now and then they are supported by critics. Here, young filmmaker Jim cummings (Who writes and directs) What the veteran achieves Wes Craven I Kevin williamson I tried unsuccessfully Damned (2005), that is, a very funny, but very sinister way to accompany the mythology of an animal called a werewolf. Here, the creature is afraid of a small town. Cummings Also acts as a police officer and marks the last work of a feature actor Robert forster (Oscar nominee Jackie brown).

06 | Owner

Another unprecedented feature in our land, Owner Giving something to talk about among experts, the Futurist is praised as one of the best productions of its kind in 2020. While highly acclaimed David cronenberg Does not return active to cheer his fans (his last film was Map of starsIn 2014 – without any new projects on the horizon), they are satisfied with the presentations of their offspring, son Brandon Cronenberg. What we can say is that the baby fish is pursuing a career that makes Daddy (and fans, of course) proud. After his debut with Gut and Grotesque Anti viral (2012), Cronenberg son Returns to a production track for this science fiction story, the mystery and terror about the changing body and air of a sort Matrix. Items that are a complete plate for the general public.

05 | Daud

The Brazilian public has little to complain about the currents we have here. Netflix, Amazon, Telesyn Play, HBO Go and more recently Disney + are big favorites. But if there is a platform that makes us a little needy, then it is known by the name Hulu. One thing or the other by amazon (as) Small fire), But the premiere is like a recent Daud Actually leaves us saliva. Written and directed by the filmmaker Aneesh Chowringhee, Daud There has been a stir since their trailer, which showed an apparent abusive relationship between mother and daughter – the way the world was recently shocked, giving rise to many interpretations in the audio-visual. Ah yes, but the great decay was the presence of Sarah Paulson As the abusive hero. However, Daud This is surprising to many. A must and to further arouse our anxiety.

04 | Invisible man

2020 was a short year for cinema, but we can’t help but thankfully he managed to bring us a film Invisible man Still in its first three months. Although many people may not realize it, every film sends a message and makes a speech. Even acts of terror, which use fear to talk about a specific subject. Therefore, it gives us great pleasure as filmmakers when a film emphasizes and works its message well. It is the same with this pearl of written and directed Blumhouse Leigh Vannanell, Which gives more powerful meaning than classic history Hg wales Including a very fashionable subject in its plot, very painful and which should be added on every occasion: domestic abuse. Endless applause for this.

03 | What is left behind

Talking of strong meanings in horror films, our story ranks third along with this story. Here, the issue of xenophobia and the delicate issue of refugees in Europe comes up. The world can be a cruel place, full of inequalities. It is intrinsic to the pursuit of a better life for man. Not everyone has the means to do it in an easy and practical way. Many help is needed. And you, have you done your part? In addition to the drama of leaving his motherland due to heartbreak and self-preservation, it is written and directed by Netflix Productions, a filmmaker Remy week (We can’t wait for your next job), of course, don’t forget to freeze all the possible backbones of your audience when the protagonist’s couple demons begin to materialize.

02 | Headlight

One of the most anticipated productions for this early 2020, Headlight Filmmaker’s next job is Robert Eggers – Who stopped the world of terror five years ago with his high praise Witch (2015). So everyone was looking forward to the director’s next move. Making noise at festivals throughout the past year, wherever they went, Brazilians could not bear to wait any longer and were able to investigate it in January. Awesome as his first job, Headlight Maybe even more crazy Witch, Vowing to leave a large section of the audience scratching their heads after the end of the exhibition. But how would you say Chakrina, I Eggers He has a fan of the school: “I didn’t come to explain, I came to confuse”. what Headlight Is up Witch The “monstrous” performance duality between a fickle Willem Duffoi this is a Robert Pattinson Some words and friends. Both describe lighthouse keepers in the 1890s.

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01 | Call

Let’s play the drums. The first position at the top of the podium is with another South Korean work. Okay, to be fair, there were very few who saw or knew Call, Netflix production. But all the experts, as well as fans who have already examined it, guarantee the film a maximum score, without fanfare for it. Equally, this is not a script that uses such an original idea, as the movies mention. high frequency (2000), for example, where there is a relation between two different time lines. In the aforesaid film, twenty years ago, there was a radio broadcast involving father and son. Here, it is a phone call that brings the characters closer to the past and present. In fact, Call Launched in 2011 is a remake of a co-production between Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom. Who directs Hy Chung-hyun Lee.

Honorable mention:

Freaky: In the body of an assassin

Speaking of Terrir, Blumhouse production related to the pandemic was very successful during the pandemic, and we can no longer worry about checking it here. Written and directed by a true expert on comic slasher, filmmaker Christopher LandonBrings a great double between film Vince von And charismatic Catherine Newton. Landon had already scored a brilliant goal by mixing brilliant elements in his narrative about serial killers. Death congratulates you And its continuation, where it uses the “without weary repeatedly” feature. Here, the element brought to him is the very famous “exchange of bodies” in the 80s, thus, a serial killer finds himself as the patron of a beautiful and blonde schoolgirl, and vice versa. We can’t wait for the director’s next thought, unless it is talking to animals.

Vampiros x the bronx

Another terrier, but this original from Netflix, and with a vampire theme – which had not yet appeared on the list. Written and directed by Oz Rodriguez, The feature film is one of a kind the Lost Boys (1987) Ghetto, Great and Little Known Elements Building attack (2011), production of Edgar wright. In the plot, a group of friendly friends, residents of the Bronx, in New York, find themselves amid major changes in their neighborhood. The most frightening of them, however, is the presence of intruding vampires among the inhabitants.

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