Biden confirmed that he would militarily defend Taiwan against a possible Chinese attack. World

Biden confirmed that he would militarily defend Taiwan against a possible Chinese attack.  World

us President Joe Biden Said on Tuesday (24) that there has been no change in US policy Taiwan, This Monday, the head of the White House will be pissed China He said he would be willing to use force to defend the democratic island.

“Policy hasn’t changed at all. I said that when I made my statement yesterday,” he said after a conversation with his colleagues at Quad.

China understands Taiwan It is an integral part of its territory and says it is the most sensitive and important issue in its relationship with Washington.

Some critics said he spoke badly about the matter or made a mistake, but other analysts suggested that, considering Biden’s extensive foreign policy experience and the context in which he commented, with Kishida and on Ukraine. After the Russian invasion, he had not spoken in error.

Quad meeting marked by Biden’s speech on military intervention in Taiwan

question of Taiwan hovers over a meeting in Tokyo of the leaders of the quad group, which is made up of WeJapan, Australia and India, who highlighted their determination to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific region.

The four leaders said in a joint statement issued after their talks that they “discussed their respective responses to the conflict in Ukraine and the ongoing tragic humanitarian crisis”.

Political leaders of Australia, America, Japan and India respectively. — Photo: Yuichi Yamazaki/Reuters

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that leaders including India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared their concerns about Ukraine and all four agreed on the importance of rule of law, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

On the other hand, Biden’s remarks TaiwanWhich was not even an official topic on the agenda at the Quad meeting, was the center of much of the attention of the delegation and the media.

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