Biden government wants clear progress in infrastructure package talks

Biden government wants clear progress in infrastructure package talks

United States President Joe Biden – (Photo: Reproduction)

United States President Joe Biden’s government indicated on Sunday, 30, that negotiations with Republicans for a US $ 1.7 trillion package in investment in infrastructure should proceed in a “clear direction” by the end of the current holiday. On 7 June of Congress. The ultimatum suggests that Democrats are preparing to move forward with passing legislation without the support of Republicans.

Transportation Secretary Pete Batigiag said today that Biden and his team members will continue talks this week and talks with Republican lawmakers have been encouraging. But he recognized the withdrawal of Congress on 7 June as the final frontier of discussion. In an interview with CNN, Batigiag said, “I think it’s time for us to go fishing or bait.”

Negotiations have been going on for weeks and have been hampered by differences over the dimensions of the package and sources of financing. Republicans want to use resources that have not yet been spent from the $ 1.9 trillion tax package approved in March, in addition to imposing fees on users of electric vehicles. On the other hand, the White House advocates raising taxes for the wealthiest.

This week, the opposition legend issued a resolution that makes a provision of $ 928 billion for the construction and repair of bridges, roads, railways and other structures. Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito, who led the talks on Sunday, hoped that it would be possible to close the bipartisan agreement.

But Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand told CNN that “waiting longer for Republicans to do the right thing is a wrong step. I would go ahead with Republican votes without Republican votes.” (Source: Dow Jones Newswire)

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