Biden says the Olympic decision should be based on “

Biden says the Olympic decision should be based on “

United States President Joe Biden said in a radio program that any decision to hold the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games would be postponed for a year due to the new Coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic.

The Games are scheduled to begin in less than six months, and the Japanese government and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are promising to keep them as planned, but under strict conditions that may include the absence of spectators.

Biden, who spoke to the radio program Westwood One Sports During the Super Bowl break this Sunday (7), he said he expected the Olympics to happen, mainly by the athletes who trained so much for him.

“I talked to the Prime Minister of Japan, he is working very hard to be able to open the games safely, to be able to run the games, and I think it should be based on science, whether it is safe or not Ho”. Biden.

Biden, who assumed office in January, said he hates imagining athletes unable to compete.

“Imagine all the Olympic athletes who work for four years, four years for a chance, and suddenly that opportunity is lost.” And he said: “Those are the people I stand for, but we have to base it on science. We are a government based on science, I think the rest of the world is too. I hope we can participate, I hope that’s possible, but we’ll see anyway. “

The Olympics are scheduled to begin on 23 July and will run till 8 August.

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