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One question that has arisen is whether the repeated baseless claims by Trump’s legal team will have any serious professional consequences that they will not be able to stand trial. John Wolfe looked it up in Reuters and probably didn’t have an answer.

Bill Pascal Called for Friday Rudi Giuliani And other members of Trump’s legal team should be stripped of their legal licenses to bring “stupid” lawsuits, but legal ethics experts say attorney discipline is rare, especially in politically motivated disputes.

All 50 states and districts of Columbia have legal ethics rules for attorneys that meet the standards published by the American Bar Association.

An ABA rule states that lawyers should only make a claim in court if “there is a basis in law and the facts are not complicated to do so.” Separately, there are rules that prevent lawyers from making false statements to third parties and engaging in fraudulent behavior.

Giuliani has repeatedly made unrelated claims at press conferences and in media coverage of election fraud..

During a court hearing on November 17, he initially told a Pennsylvania judge that the election was rigged. But during the interrogation of Judge Matthew B. Brain, Giuliani acknowledged beyond the grounds that it was “not a case of fraud.”

Other members of Trump’s legal team have generally made simple allegations in court. Vivian Scott, a lawyer for Frankfurt Cornet Clean & Sales in New York, said there was a reason for the disagreement over what was being said in the campaign and in the courtroom.

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“We, as lawyers, are court officials,” Scott said. “We have an obligation to make statements that are based on truth.”

Giuliani and attorneys on Twitter and in media presentations Sidney Powell Brian Faufnan, a Tennessee lawyer and ethics expert, said he was barred from making dishonest statements in violation of the rules. It has been said since the Trump campaign that Powell is no longer representing it.

Fofenan said Giuliani acted illegally on November 22 by tweeting that there were “phantom voters” in the Detroit area. The tweet, citing a sworn statement by a cybersecurity analyst, which was presented in court, made a big mistake: it confused the data from Michigan, Minnesota.

Two days ago, the lawyer who filed the affidavit, Lynn Wood, admitted it was a mistake and needed to be corrected.

Fuhlan said Jialyani either knew his tweet was wrong, or should have known fairly well that it was wrong, adding that “by the time he tweeted, there was a public outcry about the patch. There was a discussion. ” President Donald Trump This false affidavit has since spread on social media.

Despite these apparent moral flaws, Fognen said he did not expect action against Giulini and Powell.. Fofenan said investigators have very few resources and will focus on more obvious violations, such as lawyers who steal from clients.

Fofnan said investigators would also be wary of disciplining lawyers when it comes to politics. “While this is a very politically charged case, you know that the first line of defense is that you are doing this to us because of our politics,” Faufnan said. ‘

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