Big scam against Greek company

Big scam against Greek company

from sub directorate cyber crime prosecution A case of electronic fraud against the owner of a company in northern Greece has been investigated and investigated.

Two Romanians, residents of Paris, were arrested in Thessaloniki on Tuesday for the case against whom a criminal organization and electronic fraud have been registered on a spontaneous basis.

The case file also includes another person residing abroad, who is wanted in collaboration with foreign authorities.

This was preceded by a complaint by the owner of a real estate management company, according to which criminals had come in contact with him on the pretext of buying real estate of great commercial value from an allegedly large real estate agency in England. Real estate agency exists but criminals had nothing to do with it. Then in a meeting that the victim held with two of them on Tuesday to prepare for the transfer of assets, they managed to withdraw the cryptocurrency, the value of which, according to the current exchange rate, is over US$445,583.

The whole collaboration was conditional, as they did with bitcoin themselves, which they wanted to see. On this pretext they managed to copy the code by fraud, they also removed the “stick” in which bitcoin And in its place there was another blank which was empty. By the time the victim realized the fraud, the money was out of hand…

Analysis and exploitation of the facts of the case, followed by a coordinated police operation in collaboration with the Security Department of the Thessaloniki State Airport Police Directorate and later, two Romanians were located and arrested before boarding a plane to a foreign country.

Three mobile phones, various documents and other articles were recovered from the possession of the arrested persons, while on-site searches of the mobile phones identified the involvement of criminals in the case.

The confiscated digital evidence will be sent to the competent department of the Deputy Directorate of Criminal Investigation of Northern Greece for further laboratory examination.

The detainees, along with the case files against them, were taken to the competent prosecutor and sent to an investigator, while the flow of cryptocurrencies is being investigated in collaboration with EUROPOL.

It is reminded that citizens may contact the Directorate of Cyber ​​Crime Prosecution, anonymously or anonymously, to provide information or report on illegal or reprehensible acts or activities committed through the Internet at the following contact details:

  • Telephone: 11188
  • By sending an e-mail to: [email protected]
  • Via Twitter: @CyberAlertGR
  • Via the web portal (portal) of the Hellenic Police (
  • Through the application (application) for smart phone (smart phone): CyberKid

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