Google invites Arab Internet users to check privacy settings

Google invites Arab Internet users to check privacy settings

Through its “#net_safe” campaign, which runs for a week, Google invites users to investigate Privacy settings, Through the security check feature in “Privacy Settings Management”, which helps define privacy settings by a group of Google products, and equate them to 4 family members or friends to create a secure Arab Internet Encouraged to invite. Everyone.

In this context, he announced Google The organization “Enzaz Al Arab” and also about a partnership contract with the ministries of education in Egypt, Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Morocco to train 26,000 students on the program “Internet heroesWhich teaches children the basics of digital citizenship and cyber security so that they can explore the online world with confidence and security.

According to Google, the move aims to provide parents in the Middle East with the necessary tools to provide safe experiences to their children Distance learning By the year 2021.

The move was announced via the “Google Arab” blog and platform’s social media accounts, and is part of Google’s commitment to helping people experience a secure digital experience and protect their data and privacy , According to a statement Sky News Arabia obtained a copy of.

According to the statement, it can make a difference by following several simple steps, such as updating your computer and browser periodically and using unique passwords that are difficult to guess.

It also helps to use “features”Password managerAnd “Password Verification” at Google to provide greater security for user accounts, while the “Password Verification” feature helpsPassword verification“Users must verify the security levels of the passwords that they save to their Google account.

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Enabling the two-factor authentication feature helps provide a high level of security for the account in the event of a password theft.

“Managing privacy settings” allows people who have a Google account to protect their privacy and data across a range of products, whether they can choose to automatically delete browsing history and web history , Or may close the timeline history. Google Maps, Manage watch history on YouTube or set an alert to check privacy.

The Privacy Settings check page gives users a quick way to adjust their settings as they see fit.

The password management and verification feature also allows you to verify the security level of the password that the user saves in their Google account.

According to Google, more than 200 million people visit the Czech Privacy Settings page every year.

People who complete the privacy and password setting verification process will be able to share a “badge” and will be encouraged to invite 5 friends and family members to do the same and help build a secure Arab web.

In addition to the previous steps, Google will share Google suggestions on Facebook and Twitter during the period between February 9 to 15 to educate people on how to protect their data and enjoy a more secure experience. Internet.

Google designed the “Internet Heroes” program to give parents and teachers more tools to speak with children aged 7 to 12 about the topic of security on the Internet.

The program is based on 5 basic and simple columns, which are “Share Attention”, “Don’t Believe Tricks”, “Protect Your Secrets”, “Kindness to a Characteristic Hero” and “Ask and Ask”.

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Taken together, these lessons help children take safety seriously, as well as encourage a positive culture of online change.

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