Billionaire’s son dies after being hit by boat propeller

Billionaire's son dies after being hit by boat propeller
The wedding of Juan Carlos and Andrea was scheduled for November 2022 (Photo: reproduction/Twitter)

A fishing competition in Key Largo, Florida (USA) ended in tragedy on Saturday (12/3). Andrea Monteiro, 30, fell from the sailboat he was running on, and then his fiancé Juan Carlos Escotte Alvirez – the 31-year-old son of the president of Venezuela’s Benesco Bank – jumped into the water to try to save him, But he was killed. Couldn’t resist further injuries by the ship’s propellers.

According to a report from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission obtained by the New York Post, Juan Carlos hit the propeller shortly after jumping into the water and died from his injuries.

Andrea suffered minor injuries and suffered a minor blow to the head, but she survived.

According to Venezuelan media, the wedding of Juan Carlos and Andrea was to take place in November 2022.

Juan Carlos was the youngest son of Juan Carlos Escotte Rodriguez, a Venezuelan billionaire, and had previously worked at his father’s company as director of the North American division of banking conglomerate Benesco.

According to the magazine “Forbes”, 62-year-old Juan Carlos Escotte Rodriguez has a net worth of approximately US$3.5 billion and although Bank Benesco is headquartered in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, it also operates in Panama, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico. Colombia and the United States.

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