Bloomberg: A completely redesigned iMac, a Mac Pro twice the size, a new screen

Bloomberg : un iMac au design complètement revu, un Mac Pro deux fois plus petit, un nouvel écran

Apple is probably waiting for its own processor to fully review the iMac’s design which hasn’t changed since 2012. Mark Gurman, definitely great shape today, Described All future one-in-one with a thin black border around the screen. We will actually arrive along the lines of the Pro Display XDR, so exit the large aluminum strip below the screen.

The rear of this new iMac will now be flat instead of curved. Two versions will be planned for this year (J456 and J457), replacing the 21.5 and 27 inch models. Foolishness Bloomberg It does not specify if the diagonals will remain the same (and why not a 32-inch iMac like the Pro-Display XDR?).

Still on the desktop Mac side, Apple was working on two new Mac Pro models. The first would be the direct successor to the existing tower, with a similar mastoc design and undoubtedly Intel processor. The second version will use homemade chips, in one case half the size of the aluminum Mac Pro. Must have been inspired by Apple’s elegant lines Great g4 cube ! It is very exciting.

Late thunderbolt performance.

Finally, and it is news that Would definitely please nicholasThe manufacturer may have attacked the development of a less expensive external monitor than the current very high end screen. It will not have the same technical features and will target the average user rather than the professional. We have to go back to 2016 to find the last monitor of its kind, it was a Thunderbolt display.

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