Blue Moon, Bright Planets and Meteors: August’s Astronomical Calendar – 08/08/2021

Blue Moon, Bright Planets and Meteors: August's Astronomical Calendar - 08/08/2021

Want more reasons to contemplate the night sky this month? Get ready as August will be full of celestial events. According to the US space agency NASA, it will be possible to investigate special events in regions of the world such as extremes of rain. Meteor Opposing the Perseids, Jupiter – which should be exceptionally bright in the sky – and even the “Blue” Moon.

Check out the August astronomical calendar below to help you plan:

meteor shower

Overlaying images of the meteor shower made at Takwara (RS) by the Heller-Jung Observatory

Image: Heller-Jung Observatory

August 11-12: After the “balls of fire” that crossed the skies of Brazil last weekMILF’s Rain Peak perseid meteor Will be between two days. This event occurs annually from mid-July to late August, and occurs when Earth crosses the debris trail of Comet Swift-Tuttle. Most of these meteors are pea-sized dust grains that form “shooting stars” when they burn up in Earth’s atmosphere.

This year, the show will particularly favor Northern Hemisphere observers. The peak of activity occurs at dawn on 12 August. On the night of the event, NASA will broadcast the Perseids online. will be possible to follow social network of the space agency.

The “brightest” planet in the sky

Portrait of Saturn and its Moons - NASA - NASA

illustration of saturn and its moons

Image: NASA

August 19: NASA says August 2021 may be best time to watch Jupiter I Saturn, as the two planets approach “opposite” this month, a reference to the term when a planet is on the same side of the solar system as Earth.

2 On the last day there was opposition to Shani. Jupiter will be just opposite the Sun on the 19th, plus it will be closer to Earth this year – and with it, there is a perception that it will be bigger and brighter in the sky. . Look west from sunset to see it.

Note that you can use some apps To help with orientation.

“blue moon”

Image of a full moon at an event that will take place this month - via Midori Endo/WhatsApp - via Midori Endo/WhatsApp

Image of the full moon at an event that will happen this month

Image: Midori Endo / via WhatsApp

22 August: The full moon of August will be the “Blue Moon”. Usually, this name is given to the second full moon recorded in the same month.

But according to NASA, another older concept is to call the Moon a “Blue Moon” when it is the third of four full moons in a season — the time between a solstice and an equinox. However, this does not mean that it will have a different color.

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