Boeing 757 has already opened another cargo door in flight

Boeing 757 has already opened another cargo door in flight

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This past weekend, we followed up with some fumble Dangerous incident of opening a cargo door A Boeing 757 from mid-flight airline DHL, which fortunately ended in a safe landing, but could have serious consequences, for example, the attainment of flight control in the door detachment and tail.

However, despite the fact that this is quite uncommon, as aircraft door locks are sufficiently reinforced to avoid such a risk, a serious incident was experienced a few years ago by airplanes of the same model. Other similar facts bring out the memory.

According to historical data from The Aviation Herald, on December 6, 2014, a Boeing 757-200 freezer from the airline Yakutia Airlines was registered under registration number VQ-BPY and flying number R3-9990, both from Magadan to Yakutsk, Russia. The climb after Magadan departed when the crew interrupted the climb at 6,500 feet (2,000 m) due to the opening of the front cargo door.

The aircraft returned to the original airport for a safe landing approximately 25 minutes after takeoff, and the cargo door also remained attached to the torso, as was the case with DHL’s 757 last Saturday.

Yakutia’s Boeing 757 after emergency landing

Following the 2014 incident, the investigation determined that during the initial climb the crew noticed a light warning indicating the opening of the cargo door, which was followed by a sedimentation of the aircraft, leaving the goods train completely straight from the freight door . Flight.

After landing, ice was found in the actuators that move the locks holding the door in a closed position. In addition, snow and compressed ice were found on the proximity switches of the door locking system and the locks were actually found open.

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The Russian investigative agency Rosavetsia suggested operators to ensure that locks, actuators and proximity switches are free of snow and ice before closing cargo doors, especially on rainy days at low temperatures.

Thus, after the door is closed, ground personnel must monitor the extinguishing of the light, which indicates that the electrical power has been removed from the loading door mechanism after the completion of the closing cycle.

It is not yet possible to define a relationship between the two events, as there is no information about what is causing the opening of the DHL Boeing 757. However, the jet left Leipzig, Germany, which is below freezing with temperatures in the middle of winter.

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