Bolsonaro denies taxing purchases on sites like AliExpress and Shopee

Bolsonaro denies taxing purchases on sites like AliExpress and Shopee
Bolsonaro denies tax on purchases on sites like AliExpress and Shopee (Photo: Geoffroy van der Hasselt)

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) this Saturday (5/21) refused to sign off on a temporary measure to tax in-app purchases via social networks. For that, potential irregularities in such transactions should be countered by inspection, not tax escalation.

The announcement is followed by information on the taxation of purchases on international sites. According to published news, the federal government is preparing a provisional measure (MP) to close the siege against the performance of digital platforms such as Shopee and AliExpress, due to pressure from businessmen who compete with what they say. feel hurt by Cameldromes’. digital’.

“I have not signed any MP for tax purchases through applications like Shopee, AliExpress, Sheen, etc., as is being propagated by most of the media”, the President highlighted.

In March this year, Brazilian businessmen presented a “digital contraband” document at a government summit with complaints against companies from outside the country that sell products to individuals in Brazil. The document brought together complaints of “cross-border” – a practice involving the online purchase of products from other countries, primarily China and the United States.

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In materials submitted to the Presidency, businessmen say they have faced unfair competition from imported products. With this, he began to ask the government to promote tax changes so that the consumer pays the transaction-related taxes at the time of purchase, not when the imported product enters Brazil through federal revenue.

Businessmen also accused international companies of under-invoicing and re-labeling in Sweden as an attempt to evade oversight.

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