Bolsonaro has already ridiculed the wife of Macron, who was re-elected President of France

Bolsonaro has already ridiculed the wife of Macron, who was re-elected President of France
French President Emmanuel Macron and Jair Bolsonaro have had a strained relationship since 2019 (Photo: Reproduction Wikimedia Commons)

French President Emmanuel Macron, Was re-elected this Sunday (24/4) for a new five-year term., Macron celebrates victory with his wife Brigitte, who was the subject of a joke made by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) on social media in 2019.

A few days later, a follower of the president posted a photo of Brigitte and First Lady Michelle, saying that Macron was following them out of jealousy. Bolsonaro replied: “Don’t humiliate the man. Ha ha ha ha”. The comparison made reference to the ages of the two wives and suggested that Bolsonaro would have had an advantage as he was younger. In response, Macron called Bolsonaro “extremely disrespectful” and said he felt sorry for the Brazilians.

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Bolsonaro’s remarks against French First Lady Brigitte Macron (Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks)

strained relationship

“We ask all Brazilians to be more and more aware of who this country is, this wonder is called Brazil. A unique country in the world, which has everything it takes to succeed and we need to rebuild it. Each of you is needed. And freedom comes first. (…) Our Brazil, green and yellow”, he highlighted.

“France is an example for us, not at all Mr. Macron. Macron is very well with Lula, and Macron is very well with Lula, they understand each other, they speak the same language” The President fired. “Macron always beat us on the issue of the Amazon, like something he and his predecessors had protected in France,” he said.

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