Bolsonaro leaves for Rome and will receive an honorary degree

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Brasilia – President Jair Bolsonaro This Thursday night, the 28 left for Rome, Italy, where he will attend the G-20 summit and receive an honorary degree anguillara veneta, the city of his ancestors. Bolsonaro’s team includes the economy minister, paulo gedes, and foreign affairs, Carlos France. To meet the schedule, The President will no longer attend the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP-26) in Glasgow, Scotland, an important event of the international community.

The government’s communications secretariat (Secom) has yet to say what official commitments Bolsonaro will make during his visit to Italy. The Ministry of External Affairs issued a note confirming the travel to the European country between 29th and 2nd November of this month.

Agenda of the President of Italy, sergio matarella, however, this Friday, the 29th brings a meeting with Bolsonaro. As of now, this is the only bilateral meeting of the Executive Head.

On the 30th and 31st, Saturday and Sunday, Bolsonaro will be with his ministers at the G20 summit. Panel on global public health and sustainability is planned for the weekend, two sensitive issues for the Brazilian government, which has been criticized for failing to manage the Covid-19 pandemic overseas, and for its environmental policy.

On Monday, Bolsonaro is expected to visit the city of Anguillara Veneta to receive the title of local citizen. The project to honor the President is by Mayor Alessandra Buoso. Italian deputy Luis Roberto Lorenzo published an invitation to meet Bolsonaro on his social network at 12 noon local time.

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According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a return to Brazil is scheduled for November 2.

On completing the agenda in Italy, Bolsonaro will be represented at COP-26 by the Minister of the Environment, joaquim leite. “This is our strategy,” Bolsonaro said on Wednesday, 27 in an interview with TV A Critica. The event is highly anticipated by the international community and will be attended by important world leaders.

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