Brass vs. Ravens score: Lamar Jackson overcame Clamps to give Baltimore a thrilling victory over Cleveland.

Brass vs. Ravens score: Lamar Jackson overcame Clamps to give Baltimore a thrilling victory over Cleveland.

Lamar Jackson overcame the tour and Bronze’s defense to lead the Ravens to a 47-42 victory (the first such score in NFL history) on a tour of Brunswick in “Monday Night Football”. Jackson, who temporarily left the game in the fourth quarter, engineered two late scoring drives after returning to the game. His 44-yard touchdown pass to the Marquis Bron temporarily gave the Ravens the lead. On Baltimore’s last drive, his four complements saved Justin Tucker’s game-winning 55-yard field goal with two seconds left.

With the win, Baltimore accelerated the series against Cleveland, while improving to 8-5 on the season. The Ravens are alive in the AFC playoffs, while the Bruins (9-4) 11-2 Steelers failed to secure first place in the AFC North.

Both teams touched on their opening drive. Nick Chubb stopped the drive with a seven-yard touchdown run of 81 yards from Brass. Jackson’s five-yard touchdown ended six minutes later from Baltimore’s 73-yard drive. In the middle of the second quarter, Gus Edwards’ 11-yard touchdown run gave the Ravens their first lead. Baltimore’s lead didn’t last long, however, with the Bruins scoring on a 14-yard touchdown pass from Cleveland’s upcoming offensive possession.

Jackson’s 44-yard run lasted less than three minutes from the third quarter of Edwards’ 19-yard touchdown. And after Karim Hunt’s five-yard touchdown run, the Ravens’ eight-point lead was temporarily trimmed. To make a lead of 34-20.

Cleveland rallied in the fourth quarter. He made a six-point play for Rashard Higgins in less than two minutes of the quarter in the fourth down match on Mayfield’s 21-yard touchdown pass. The Braves then took the lead on their next possession, with Mayfield putting himself on a five-yard score. Mayfield finished the night with 343 passing yards leading the Braves offense, which increased by about 500 yards.

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Jackson, who missed almost the entire two series with a concussion, dropped his touchdown down to fourth in his first game. Jackson’s brilliance matched that of Mayfield, who tied the score with a 22-yard throw with a 1:04 left. The Bruins eventually left too much time for Jackson, whose four complements for 38 yards set the stage for a winning game.

Here are some quick steps from winning Monday night’s Ravens:

Why the Ravens won

First and foremost, they dominated the earth. We all knew that coming in, Cleveland could run the ball, but the Ravens all but took back their 2019 look around the lights, Lamar Jackson released several big scams to speed up both sides and both Gus Edwards. And JK Dobbins ended up making steady gains. Night. Despite losing some widely deep shots to Mark Andrews and throwing only 17 passes, Jackson was also surprisingly killed by the wind, joining Andrew Ws and the Marquis Brans for the big plays. Was involved in the fourth quarter. His return from a congratulatory visit to the locker room saved the day, instantly injecting mobility into their attack. On the defensive side, Batmore’s corner actually did a good job of putting things in front of them first and when they leaned in the second half, Greg Roman’s ground game was already firing on all cylinders. Justin Tucker, meanwhile, got caught with a perfect 55-yard field goal to seal it.

Why did the Brass lose?

Honestly, it could be their only turnover. You can clearly blame him for his defense, which was a sieve when it came to defending Baltimore’s furious attack. But the difference in this game, a continuous back and forth, which saw both sides absorbing 385 offensive yards and almost splitting the possession time, was that only one team gave the ball. Unfortunately, Baker is Mayfield’s third-quarter pick, who essentially gifted Baltimore points, in a promising fight with Jackson and the Ravens that was QB’s only serious misstep. Otherwise, it’s hard not to point the finger at Cody Parky, who missed the 39-yard field goal and missed the extra point to pay the team four points, which was primarily a three-point decision (Baltimore’s). The last two come on meaningless security). Bad week for kickers around the league, Parki’s memories didn’t fully off Cleveland’s chances in the game, but they did contribute to the defeat.

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Lamar Jackson’s re-entry, no doubt. Jackson was cooking on the ground in the second half before making a sudden trot in the locker room, which he called a concussion, and for a while, it looked like Bruce could steal the win by working against backup Trace Maxley. Is. Maxorley then injured himself at number three to play with 2:12, returning for a fresh comeback from Jackson Superman’s vacation and throwing a perfect float for Marquis Brawn Brown for No. 8 fourth-seeded TD. Gone. 42-35 and keep rolling the pace in favor of Baltimore.

Game of Thrones

Jackson’s TD Loft to Braun was the most important, but Lamar was, if not more, surprising on his first throw for Mark Andrews, who showed off some of his notorious pocket skills. Done:

What’s next

The Ravens (8-5) will host the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-12), who are returning to Gardner Minshev when they pick the top draft. The Braves (9-4) will return under the prime-time lights in the 15th week as they tour the New York Giants (5-8), fresh from the Cardinals’ loss.

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