World puts Brazil in quarantine: why countries shut themselves Brazilians – national

World puts Brazil in quarantine: why countries shut themselves Brazilians - national

The year 2021 is marked by the revival of COVID-19 in Brazil, with health systems struggling against collapse, new Variants Number of coronoviruses, slow vaccination and daily deaths crossing the barrier of 4,000 victims in 24 hours. In addition to internal tragedy and echoing numbers, the country deals with another outcome, which goes beyond borders: the world has closed its doors to the people of Brazil, leading to a universe of trade and sports and even education Being affected The country still caused jokes in France Hydroxychloroquine, Which was also used by President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) in the treatment of the disease and has been adopted by a series of doctors.

According to the Skyscanner platform, currently only seven countries maintain minimum restrictions or do not have requirements for entry into Brazil: Antonia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Afghanistan, Central African Republic and Albania. Some require, for example, a certificate with only one negative result COVID-19 Obtained through a PCR test, done the day before dissolution. In some cases, the traveler has to fill a form.

However, other countries have taken more energetic measures in relation to Brazil, especially on the European continent. For example, France has suspended all flights of Brazilian origin indefinitely. The announcement was made by Prime Minister Jean Castex. On the same day, French deputies laughed knowing that Brazil still points to the use of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19, which is considered ineffective by experts.

“You (addressing a deputy) wrote to the President of the Republic in 2020 to advise on the prescription of hydroxychloroquine (laughing in the background). I would like to warn you that Brazil is the country where it is most commonly prescribed. , Mr. Everyone who leaves Brazil for France must present Exam Negative on boarding, another 10 days stay in isolation on arrival, ”said Castex.

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On the other hand, the 16th Portugal decided to resume flights with Brazil and the United Kingdom only for necessary trips. As of that date, the country had recorded fewer than 10 COVID-19 deaths per day in April. To maintain rigor, passengers on flights from both countries experiencing restrictions must follow a 14-day quarantine before traveling to the country, in places other than the rate of 500 cases or per 100,000 inhabitants.

Even Brazilian neighbors closed their doors to Brazilians. For example, flights to Argentina have been suspended since 27 March. If the visitor belongs to an Argentine then entry is only allowed and there is a negative test for it COVID-19 In the hands. Chile has also tightened the rules for accepting passengers from Brazil or who have passed through the Brazilian territory in the last 14 days. With a negative PCR test, 72 hours of quarantine is mandatory in a hotel.

The Skyscanner platform shows that a total of 116 countries maintain strict restrictions for Brazilians and 102 others. The main fear of foreigners is with the P1 variant, known as the “Manaus variant”, which communicates more easily.

sport It also influenced the game world of the countries that Brazilians received. The Brazilian women’s basketball team is a clear example of this. The group will compete in the South American tournament to be held in Columbia from May 10 to 16. However, the players were banned from the competition by the South American Basketball Confederation (CONUSBUSQUET).

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In February, the Brazilian men’s basketball team was already banned from entering Colombia by the local Ministry of Health. Due to the veto, the group of athletes could not participate in the final two rounds of the US Qualifiers.

On Monday (4/19) the delegation from São Paulo and Palmeiras received a veto from the Peru Sports Institute (IPD, in its Spanish brief) to play in Peru, aiming for matches in the country for the Copa Libertadores de América is. The organization denied a request from the Peru Football Federation (FPF) for teams to conduct activities before official matches.

A protocol was created in Peru specifically for Brazilian teams. Upon arrival in the country, the delegation must travel directly from the airport to the hotel, leaving the venue for the stadium only on the day of departure, then back to the hotel and then back to Brazil from the airport.

Business In March, a ship leaving Brazil landed in Iceland with more than half the crew infected with the P1 version of COVID-19. They were Chinese, but the ship Taurus Confidence took Calim Alumina to the city of Reyarfjörुरur, Iceland, killing São Luís.

Iceland was the first country in Europe to control COVID-19 and did not record the presence of the Brazilian version. To maintain a good performance in the fight against the epidemic, the ship’s crew were kept in isolation and the non-infected were placed on the vessel under police surveillance.

Last year, due to the epidemic, the Philippines also suspended meat imports from chicken as a city in China found traces of COVID-19 in chicken wings shipments. Embargo was built in October and suspended only in December.

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Education In its edition on Saturday (24/4), Minas State showed the difficulty of Brazilian students who received scholarships for North American universities – whether bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral – but in obtaining visas to enter the United States Are unable, as the emission process was suspended as a side effect of the epidemic. Young people also travel to other countries for the purpose of seeking authority to adopt their dreams. More than 1,000 Brazilian students came together to send a letter for intervention by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Itamarti stated that it is doing its best to reach “a satisfactory solution that meets the demands of the students”.

Tragedy size

According to data from the Ministry of Health, a total of 14,340,787 cases were confirmed by the start of COVID-19 yesterday and 390,747 deaths reached Brazil. The incidence is 6,825.2 per 100 thousand patients, with a mortality rate of 186. 100 thousand. In Minas Gerais, there were further 331 deaths, which according to the state health department reached 32,318 yesterday. The cumulative number of cases is 1,323,153. Disease caused by coronavirus causes tragedies and also reveals deterioration of health systems in other parts of the world: India reached record levels of infection yesterday – new 350 thousand – and deaths – another 2,729, while Iraq Hospital fire for patients with COVID-19 deaths in the Asian giant with 1.3 million inhabitants, with more than 190 thousand deaths. There are 3.1 million deaths and more than 146 million infected in the world.

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