Brazil bans travelers from the UK after Christmas

Brazil bans travelers from the UK after Christmas


Volleyball Super League comes to the end of first round with 83 cases of Kovid among athletes

SAO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – Volleyball Super League reaches end of first round, with dozens of athletes infected with coronovirus, postpone struggles and underpinning distrust of players, coaches and infectious scientists to reduce disease infection Established protocol. The Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV) does not intend to revise the competition rules and requires that athletes take the exam every 15 days, but says that any team can evaluate in a shorter period of time, if they wish. . The Superintendent of CBV, Renato D’Vila, says that the unit proposed a weekly test before the start of the season. Most clubs did not agree and SCS RJ / Flamengo came to suggest every 10 days. In an email interview with Folha de S.Paulo, D’Avila said, “The big problem we’re facing is the cost. With all decisions related to the Super League, taking the test democratically every two weeks. Proposes. ” Last Wednesday (23). The Men’s Super League began on 31 October and the Women’s Super League began on 9 November. Since then, according to a CBV survey, 83 athletes (55 women and 28 men) and 30 matches with the disease have been postponed by the women’s competition – 20. Infected people will have to quarantine for ten days. With short schedules due to epidemics, teams make five games between one test and another. For the second round starting in January, no changes are planned. “The issue is financial. If the majority wishes to change this already approved protocol, we will change”, says the CBV Superintendent. The cost of the exam for each athlete is club R $ 75. The service is tabulated and presented by the CBV Partner Laboratory. Tournament rules state that the sport will be postponed if two lifters or four athletes normally receive a positive diagnosis for Kovid-19. Among those who contracted the virus, Rubinho, a 51-year-old technician from Sesi-Bauru, spent eight days in the ICU (intensive care unit) and needed mechanical ventilation devices to be able to breathe. He was discharged on the 10th of this month, he was on the court, but he stood still while trying to regain his physical strength to return to command the athletes of the São Paulo team. “I lost six kilos and I’m feeling weak, very tired,” the coach said. He is one of those who call for a review of the CBV protocol. The outbreak of the disease, following a duel against Sao Jose Dr Pinheis-PR for the sixth round, on November 27, affected ten players from Bauru and six members of the coaching staff. “We played five games from home [entre 9 e 27 de novembro]. The more trips, the greater the risk for contamination. There are four games every two weeks, that is, four chances of transition, “Rubinho says.” This protocol was set by the CBV in association with clubs. We have to assess the scenario, because contamination is high, and adopt changes, for example, the bubble model. “According to doctors Sandra de Oliveira Campos, Professor of Infectious Sciences at UNIFEX and Estevao Urvano of the Society. Brazil Infectious Diseases (SBI), the test must be at least, in the last 72 hours, before each match.” No correct timeframe. No, but not a good program every 15 days. An infected patient transmits the disease two days before the first symptoms are felt, “Campos says. Urbano reports that, for every 100 cases of infection, 85 patients are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms.” Athletes are young and have good immunity. , They will hardly have serious symptoms, but they can pass it on to everyone around them, such as the technical commission and team employees who form a risk group “, announces SBI director. This month Bea, Carine, Keyca and Roberta., From Osasco, received diagnosis of coronovirus infection less than 24 hours after encountering Cesc-RJ / Flamengo. “I began to worry if I had anyone with the virus. Dia and how the girls of the team were doing. I had symptoms of a headache, and I had stopped sniffing a lot of things, “says Setter Roberta, whose season is good and looking for a place among those called to the Tokyo Games.” Regarding protocol, I do not have. what you want to say. We have to be careful and wait for the vaccine to arrive as soon as possible. As cases grow, athletes are increasingly choosing to use masks in training and competition sports. Central Lucio of Taubatte, one of the pioneers. Since the Sao Paulo Championship, he says he fears dealing with the virus and transmitting it to his 4-year-old son. When there was a rally, I would get away from the crowd and lift my mask up to breathe “,” followed by Jasleen, Osasco, Drusilla and Lorraine, Ces-RJ / Flancego, and Mauricio Borges. Lucao in Taubaté, also going to the facade courts. “The mask did not change my performance in court. I think we’ll have to make this effort to protect ourselves, but it certainly doesn’t bother me”, says pointer Mauricio Borges. According to the team’s press office, the Toubeté board did not authorize Lucy and Mauricio Borges to comment on the Superliga protocol. With the first round ending on the 23rd, the tournament was halted until the first week of January. In the women’s round, 11 rounds of the first round have not yet been completed. Despite problems with high outbreaks due to the disease. D’Vila positively evaluates the competition: “Technically, we have a lot to admire. Teams performed better than expected after the pause due to the epidemic.

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